Title: Tough Love (2/24/04)

Author: Slaymesoftly

Season VI Š Smashed

Rating Š R/NC17

Word count - 505

Disclaimer Š his plot, my thoughts

Distribution Š take it, but tell me about it

Feedback Š please do

Summary Š SpikeÕs thoughts during Smashed




         By Slaymesoftly


         ŅWhat are you afraidÉ.Ó My latest snarky remark is cut off suddenly. But this time not by a small, hard fist, but by soft, demanding lips and a probing tongue.  The Slayer is kissing me!  Again Š but with more passion and harder than the tentative yearning kisses weÕd shared at the Bronze. 


              IÕm not a fool.  IÕm kissing her back.  I put all my feelings into it Š the love, the pent up lust, the years of frustration Š itÕs all there.


                   I feel her punch a hole in the wall to get her arms around my neck.  We crash into another wall, cracking the plaster with the force of our two bodies slamming into each other.  Suddenly she is surging up my body and I reflexively grab her ass to help her up and hold her in place.  All I can do is stare at her in awe as she reaches between us and pulls down my zipper.  My brain has left the building.  Is this really happening? I canÕt be seeing, feeling, touching, experiencing what I think I am.  Surely at some point the Slayer has knocked me unconscious and IÕm hallucinating.  This is just a really, really, real wet dream.  No way is Buffy pulling my dick out of my pants, and she certainly couldnÕt be pushing her thong aside so that she can lower herself onto me. 


             Ok, maybe she is.


             Never in my most vivid fantasy have I imagined the incredible heat that is surrounding me.  She is so wet, so hot, so tight.  If IÕm dreaming, I donÕt want to wake up.  I canÕt take my eyes off her face.  She is staring at me with such a combination of desire and amazement.  I think she is as surprised as I am to find herself here Šwrapped around me like a coat and moving gently up and down on me.  With a groan, I turn around and push her against the wall for leverage.  My mouth moves to one of her perfect breasts and she gasps as I pull on it through her shirt.  Suddenly, she pushes away from the wall and we crash to the floor.  I can feel myself falling through to the basement below but we never break apart.  I land hard, but I hardly notice it.  My (my!) SlayerÕs still on top of me, still moving slowly and staring into my eyes.  What does she see there? I wonder.  Does she see how much I want her, how incredible she feels to me? Can she see the love? Or can she only see the lust that I canÕt hide?


            I try to turn us over, but she resists me.  She wants to be on top, in control.  IÕll let her have that for now.  Whatever she wants, however she wants it. I can wait. IÕve got so much to show her, so much to teach her.  WeÕve got all night.


The End



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