Nothing to See Here by Slaymesoftly (5/7/06)

drabble/ficlet – 333 words

for Always_jbj who challenged my absent muse to write a drabble about a Season VI conversation between Spike and Angel



Nothing to See Here


“Peaches.”  The blond vampire’s voice was flat with no trace of surprise or fear.


“Spike.”  The older vampire’s voice dripped venom and disdain.


“Well, we’ve established who we are – I’m the devilishly handsome, charming vampire – you’re the soulful, brooding one. Now what?”


“I heard a rumor.”


“Nasty thing, gossip.” He turned away with a shrug, grateful that he had no heartbeat to accelerate and alert his grandsire to the sudden fear that clutched at his stomach.  Fear, not for himself, but for the woman he loved who would be devastated if Angel were to discover their secret.


“So it’s not true?” 


Spike could hear, hidden beneath the threatening snarl, just the barest trace of hope.  Of a desperate desire not to have his vision of everything good and pure sullied by the knowledge that Buffy, in her despair over being alive again, had turned to his unsouled grandchilde for what he could not give her.


“Wot’s not true?  Gotta be a bit more specific, Angelus.  ‘S not like us Sunnydale vamps are up on all the latest LA stories, is it?”


The larger vampire pushed Spike against the wall and stared into the steady return gaze.  Hard brown eyes bored into Spike’s impassive blue; blue that flashed with amber as Spike’s demon fought against the submissive posture. 


“This isn’t an LA story,” he growled finally, releasing his hold, but not stepping away. 


“Still don’t know what you’re on about,” the blond vamp countered firmly. 


“You don’t have any idea?”  Angel continued to study Spike’s face for any sign of duplicity, confident that there was no way the younger vamp would be able to hide something so important from the head of his family.


“Not the foggiest, gramps,” he replied evenly. “Think maybe you’ve been given some bad information.”


“Yeah, you’re probably right.  It’s not like she would ever…not with you.”  He was turning away and missed the pain that flashed across the younger vampire’s face.


“Course I’m right.”


“Yeah. I don’t know what I was thinking. “


“Me neither, an’ I don’t think I want to.  Don’t let the door hit you in the arse.”


the end


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