title- Not a One-night Stand

character-  Goth Girl

word count - 4470

object Š hand cuffs

quotes Š just do it/ weird with a beard

Rating -  strong R?

Disclaimer Š Characters and setting belong to Joss Wheden, et all; the story belongs to me

Distribution Š belongs to Good_Evil until the challenge is over

AN:  Alternating thoughts between Spike and his ŅdateÓ for the wedding Š this was written for a challenge at Good__Evil in which I had to use the above character/objects/words. So it is Spuffy only by implication, but we all know who was on SpikeÕs mind that night and it wasnÕt his ŅdateÓ.





           ŅItÕs over,Ó she says.  Like itÕs that easy.  Like IÕm going to be able to just shag anybody and not go insane wishinÕ it was my Slayer.  Like I could even get it up for anyone elseÉwell, okay, I can bloody-well get it up. No sense lying about that.  Never been a problem Š even when I was a poncy poet, I had to keep holdinÕ things in front of me to hide my reaction to beinÕ near a pretty woman.


          Wonder what itÕs like to have somebody willing? Somebody who loves me, somebody who actually wants to be with me?  Dru loved me for a while in her own twisted way, I guess; but not the way she loved the poof.  Harmony?  Chit doesnÕtÕ have enough brain cells to love anything Š Ōcept maybe her bloody unicorns.  JusÕ wanted to be able to say she had a boyfriend.  Hell of a body, thoughÉ.bollocks!  There it goesÉnope, no problems getting it up.  Not this vamp.  Wish I could get this taken care of Š getting a bit tired of my own hand.  Maybe that black-haired bint thatÕs been eyeinÕ me for a while.  Wonder how sheÕd like a taste of the big bad?




            Ohmygod, ohmygod!  HeÕs looking at me.  The hottest thing in this dive is looking at me.  Okay, be cool.  Calm and casual is the way to go here.  Obviously a hottie like that could have his choice of women.  All you have to do is watch the bartender falling all over him.  If she leans over any more, sheÕs going to fall out of her dress.  Slut!  Not his type, I hope.  Please donÕt be his type. IÕm his type. Look at him Š bleached hair, eyeliner, sexy leather coat, Docs on his feet.  Me, itÕs me.  IÕm the one you want to---ohmygod, ohmygod, heÕs walking over here.  ItÕs okay. IÕm cool.  He wonÕt be able to tell how my heart is pounding Š itÕs all goodÉwhy is he grinning at me like that?  YouÕd think he could tellÉ




            Cute Š the way sheÕs trying to pretend she hasnÕt noticed me.  HeartÕs going like a jackhammer. Ah, now, sheÕs going to pretend sheÕs just noticed Š looking me up and down like she hasnÕt been staring at me for an hour.  See anything you like, luv?  ItÕs available.  ItÕs all available.  Yours, if you want it.




           I think heÕs laughing at me.  Something about the way his eyes are crinkling.  I gave him my best  ŅLet me take a look and see if IÕm remotely interestedÓ once-over and he just stood there with that cocky (sexy!) smirk like he knew what I was thinking.  Maybe he does.  Got a bulge in his jeans that Š check that.  HeÕs got a big bulge in his jeans.  Is that for me? 


           Wha-? He spoke!  Asked if he could join me Š how did he manage to make a perfectly normal request sound so sexy?  Join me.  As in, sit down at my table. Not join me.  ThatÕs not what he meant.  I donÕt think thatÕs what he meant. 


              An accent.  Like he wasnÕt hot enough just standing there.  He had to open his mouth and talk.  What a voice.  HeÕs asking me somethingÉwhat?  Oh.  Shit! I never answered him when he asked if he could sit down.  Guess it doesnÕt matter. HeÕs pulling out a chair and sitting anyway.  All right, Polly, girl.  Get your act together here.  If you want him, youÕre going to have to figure out how to talk to him without drooling.


           Here goes.




             Seems like a sweet girl.  Underneath all that black hair dye and eyeliner, those red lips and skanky clothes, sheÕs just a sweet little thing looking for some attention.  Bet sheÕs got a tattoo somewhere interesting.  Probably got a piercing or two, maybe.  Think IÕll ask where sheÕs hiding the piercingsÉOh ho! Stuck her tongue out at me and there it was.  Should have known. 


              Now sheÕs blushinÕ. All I did was ask her if she was hiding any interestinÕ tattoos. Guess thatÕs a yes?  Gonna make it a point to find out where it is.  This could be funŃif I wasnÕt sittinÕ here wishing I could get Buffy to look at me like that.  If I wasnÕt comparing my golden girl to thisŃ


              Knock it off, William.  This girl wants you.  DonÕt bollix it up thinkinÕ about the bloody Slayer.




            Where did he go?  One minute heÕs asking about my piercings and tattoos and looking like he wants to go looking for them right now, and then heÕs not even here.  Those pretty blue eyes turned as flat and gray as the floor. Almost looked like he wanted to cry for a minute.  Somehow I donÕt think it was the idea of my tattoos that put that look on his faceÉ


               It would be my luck, wouldnÕt it?  I find a hottie who likes me and heÕs aching for somebody else.  I donÕt care.  Look at me, hot guy.  IÕm here.  IÕm willing.  Whoever she is, if she didnÕt want you, sheÕs crazy.  You donÕt need crazy.  You need me.  Un-crazy, hot for you Š your kind of girl.


                Ah, there he is. Now heÕs back with me.  Maybe itÕs time to let him know he can have me.  Not that I donÕt think he already knows that, butÉOh yeah. He knows. Who the hell does he think he is?  ŅLetÕs goÓ  Like heÕs asked and IÕve said yes already.  Hey, I have my pride, Hot stuff.  You havenÕt even told me your name yet.  Okay, okay, IÕm coming, IÕm coming. Oh god, I hope thatÕs true.




                Got to get her out of here.  Go somewhere that I can concentrate on her. WhatÕs that? She wants to know my name? Guess I didnÕt mention it, did I? ŌS alright. IÕll have her screaminÕ it before the nightÕs over.


                 Polly.  Says her name is Polly.  What is it with girls and names in this country?  Got somebody trying to look like one of DracÕs brides and she calls herself ŅPolly?Ó  And the Slayer.  The Chosen One, guardian of all things good and wonderful.  Her name is Buffy.  Just the thing to strike fear into the heart of a demonÉand bloody hell, here I am thinkinÕ about her again.




                  Spike. He says his name is Spike.  It fits him.  All hard and sharp edges and shiny.  All he needs is a dog collar around his neck and heÕd be the perfect puppy dog.  Or guard dog.  When heÕs not being all British and charming, he looks kinda dangerous.  I donÕt have a dog collar.  I do have some handcuffs thoughÉ


                Shit.  There he goes again.  I tell him my name and he smiles, rolls his eyes Š and ok, so Polly isnÕt exactly a really Goth name, but itÕs mine, dammit!.  Anyway, I tell him my name, he has a little laugh about it and then, wham, heÕs gone again. HeÕs got that ÓIÕm thinking about somebody elseÓ look on his face again.


                Where do I live?  Is he asking me where I live?  Guess that means weÕre not going to his place.  That could be good.  If he wants to kick me out, IÕll already be home.




            Got her own little place.  ThatÕs nice.  Maybe I can hide out here for a couple of days.  Just in case the Slayer comes lookinÕ for me.  Not that she would- but if she did, do her good to not be able to find me.  Let her stew for a bit.  Maybe sheÕd worryÉguess thatÕs too much to hope for.  But not knowinÕ where I am or who IÕm with?  That might rattle her cage a bit.  Too bad thereÕs no way to let her know IÕm shackinÕ up with another woman. Maybe sheÕd get jealous.  Just a little.


               That heartÕs going mile-a-minute again.  Sweet Polly Štrying so hard to seem uninterested and sexy at the same time.  Time to reward the little chitÕs come-hither looks, I guess.  Give her a little taste of the big bad, just enough to make her want more.  WonÕt be like shagging a Slayer.  Going to have to remember that sheÕs human.  I wonder how long itÕs goinÕ to take her to figure out what I am?  Alright.  IÕm ready.  I can do this.  Wiping Buffy out of mÕ brain.  Nothing there but sweet, willing, Polly. Just do it, you patheitic wanker!




           If he doesnÕt make a move soon, IÕm going toÉI donÕt know what IÕm going to do.  Please tell me he didnÕt spend all this time and come all the way here just to ignore me?  Hello?  Willing girl here?  With piercings and tattoos?  Your kind of woman? 


             Ohgod, ohgod, heÕs going to kiss me.  Kissing me.  Lips are cool, but soft, and oh my god, can he kiss.  If he only knew what he was doing to meÉthere he goes again with that knowing smirk.  Like he can somehow tell that IÕm already so turned on I want to rip his clothes off.  How does he do that?  Just because heÕs so hot, probably.  Happens to him all the time.  Girls throwing themselves at him. 


               IÕm throwing, Spike!  Catch me.  Please catch me.  Catch me in those arms that feel so incredibly strong, let me feel that bodyÉGuh! Feeling the body now. All of it. Oh, moving to the bed.  Bed is good because IÕm pretty sure I couldnÕt stand up now if I had toÉMore kissing.  The man is a world-class kisser and now heÕs using his hands toÉokay, world-class hands.


                 Yes, yes, take my shirt off Š no bra, see?  IÕm ready. Those lipsÉthat tongueÉah!  Naked.  IÕm naked.  Naked is good.  Naked means heÕs planning toŃ




                 Sweet, sweet Polly. So soft, so warm and willinÕ.  ItÕs almost too easy.  Got a bit used to having to coax and wheedle havenÕt I?  Nice little body.  Not like my SlayerÕs strong, soft curves, but very nice.  Pretty nipples.  No bra.  Naughty girl!  Makes it easier though.  LetÕs get these pants off of you. Gonna find that tattoo, little girl. Where are you hiding it?


                Been so long since IÕve looked at anyone but the Slayer, IÕve almost forgotten how much I love women. Look at her respond to me. All panting breaths and little moans, and IÕve barely begun.  What to do next with this pretty, little body? 


                  What? Oh, yeah, guess it would be a good idea to get undressed myself. At least take my coat off. DonÕt want her to think IÕm not planninÕ on stayinÕ.  Gonna be here all night, pretty Polly.  There you go, luv.  Was that what you wanted? Naked Spike at your service.  Ah, thereÕs a good girl.  You just hold that in your warm little hand while IÉ




             HeÕs huge! So hard and with such silky skin over it.  Not clipped Š you donÕt see that very often.  I wonder if heÕll let me play with it Š oh, yeah, he liked that.  See, Spike?  It was worth coming here, wasnÕt it?  I have hands too; and a mouth.  I could make youŃ


                God, what a body!  And itÕs all mine.  Okay, maybe not mine to keep; but mine to play with.  Naked Spike body in my bed and heÕs letting me climb all over it.  Smiling at me like he really wants to be here. Finally.  Maybe I can make him forget whoever the idiot is who let him get away.  Look, Spike.  Feel what I can do with my tongue and that little piece of metal in itÉ.Hah!  Made him gasp. Guess heÕs forgetting her now!


                     What a smile.  The first real smile IÕve seen from him. The first one that didnÕt look like he was laughing at me, or thinking about somebody else.  This smile is for me.  For Polly.  I think he likes me.  Oh, please like me, Spike.  I like you.  A lot.


                  What does he mean, ŅTurnaboutÕs fairplay?Ó  Oh!!! ThatÕs what he means.  Oh my god! That tongue.  What is heÉ?  How can he keep that up?  DoesnÕt he need to breathe?  Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygodÉSpike!



                 SheÕs cute when sheÕs just finished cominÕ.  Hope she knows that was just the first of many.  JusÕ lie there, pet.  OlÕ Spike has some more tricks up his sleeve.  You ready for me, baby? 


                     Oh yeah.  So ready.  Let me in, sweet Polly. Gonna make you see stars before IÕm done.  You feel so good Š kissinÕ my neck like you like me.  Holding me tight.  Here we go, luv.  Another Spike special cominÕ up.  Nobody else every found that spot, did they, pet?  Ah, thereÕs my girl.  ThatÕs the scream I was looking for.


             I could get used to this, I could.  Not runninÕ off, is she?  Just lying there, kissinÕ me, runninÕ her hands over my body.  I think she likes me.  Know she likes my body.  Hell, even the Slayer likes my body.  WouldnÕt deny it if she could. But this oneÕs willing to admit she might like me a bit. Me.  Spike.  William the Bloody.  Of course, the chit hasnÕt figured out what I am yet.  Once that sinks inÉ


                  Uh oh. I think she just noticed the missing heartbeat.  Good thing I tend to do a lot of breathing when IÕm shagginÕ.  Guess we need a distraction here Šnever did get a good look at that tattoo, pet.  Think itÕs time I went exploring.  Maybe itÕs hiding here? No?  How about here?  Ticklish, are you?  How about right here? Oh yeah, I think I found it.  Let me just suck on that spot for a few minutesÉ




            ItÕs official.  That was the best sex of my life.  And, big plus, he didnÕt get up and leave.  Not yet, anyway.  A man who likes to cuddle after sex; can I pick them or what?  Strange how cool he feels.  Everywhere except where heÕs touching me.  He must have a really lower-than-normal body temperature.  If he hadnÕt been breathing so hard just now, IÕd almost thinkŃ


                It was too good to be true. Why am I not surprised?  I meet the man of my dreams, have mind-blowing sex with him, and now heÕs going to kill me.  I picked up a fucking vampire. Way to go, Polly.  I donÕt suppose thereÕs any way I can slip out of bed andÉnope, forget that.  HeÕs holding on tight. This is it.  HeÕs going to bite me now.  Oh well, it was almost worth itÉ


                  Hmmmm, not biting.  Not hard anyway. Using that mouth in other Š so much better ways.  Maybe he doesnÕt want to kill me yet.  Maybe heÕs going to kill me with his tongue.  Maybe I donÕt care as long as he keeps doingÉwhat heÕs doingÉto meÉagainÉSpike!




                 She must have figured it out.  Felt her trying to pull away. IÕm pretty sure I distracted her for now, but IÕm going to have to come clean.  Maybe she likes me enough to over look my little affliction.  What do you say, luv?  Let a poor old vamp spend the night in your nice warm bed?


                    SheÕs scared. Can feel her heart poundinÕ.  But sheÕs holdinÕ it together pretty well.  Telling me she knows what I am.  Got some balls on her, she does. LetÕs see how she handles the truth.  I wonder if sheÕll believe me that I canÕt hurt her?  WouldnÕt if I could, I donÕt think.  Sweet Polly.


                I wonder if sheÕd feel safer if I offered to wear those handcuffs I see peekinÕ out of that drawer?  My kind of girl, she is. Metal in her tongue and handcuffs in the bedroom. Oh yeah, sweetness, you just stretch me out until you feel safe.  Wonder if she knows what a turn-on these cuffs are?  Even Buffy got into that kind of bondage once I showed herŃ


                   Get the bloody things off of me.  Now.  Get them off.  Too many memories.  Not going to hurt you, luv.  You donÕt need those to keep me still.  Just keep wagging that tongue where youÕve got it now and youÕll have me just as tame as you want me.




            Oh yeah, I can pick them.  Not only is he obviously in love with somebody Š I wonder if he thinks I missed the way he had to bite back somebodyÕs name when he came?  Bub?  Bug?  Bu-something Š heÕs a frickinÕ vampire. Telling me he canÕt hurt me.  Drinks pigs blood from the butcher shop.  IÕll find out I guess. If I live to wake up in the morning.


                       He wants to stay here.  Says he likes my warm bed and my soft body.  What the hell.  If he wanted to kill me, IÕd probably be dead by now.  IÕm not throwing out somebody who can fuck like he can. Dead or alive. HeÕs a keeper.




                IÕve got to admit.  If I canÕt have Buffy, I could do worse than the sweet thing waking me up with a kiss and a mug of pigÕs blood.  She treats me just like I was a man.  A man she was happy to find in her bed.  Tells me I can stay as long as I want. Only need a couple of days.  Just enough to give the Slayer something to worry about Š if she even notices IÕm not around.  Not likely, I guess, what with all the wedding stuff going on.


                    CanÕt believe I got invited.  Must be demon-girlÕs doing.  Not the whelpÕs thatÕs for sure.  CanÕt imagine why I would want to go, though.  Having to watch Buffy from a distance Š and without knowinÕ IÕm goinÕ be seeinÕ her later like before.  At least I had that to take the edge off before.  Now we just go back to our separate, empty bedsÉoh right, IÕm not in my bed.  Got pretty Polly to warm me up.  Wonder if she wants to go to a wedding?




               I canÕt believe weÕre going out somewhere.  After three days of hardly leaving the bed (except for me, who had to go to work), he gets up and announces that weÕre going to a wedding.  A wedding!  Says some friends of his are getting married and heÕs supposed to be there.  Wants me to come with him.  I guess thatÕs a good sign.  He wants me to meet his friends.  ThatÕs got to be good, right?


                  I wonder if we have time to play some more before we go?  Now that he doesnÕt freak out when I get out the handcuffs.  I donÕt even want to know why he reacted the way he did the first time.  Bad memory, obviously.  I think IÕve been able to replace that memory with something better.  I hope so.  Letting him use them on me helped, I think.  When he realized I trusted him enough to let himÉyeah. The handcuffs were a good idea.




                There she is. Ugliest dress IÕve ever seen and she still looks gorgeous.  And happy.  Happy for them, I guess.  Not happy for us.  If I thought leavinÕ me had made her that happyÉ


               I guess it didnÕt.  SheÕs trying hard not to look in PollyÕs direction, but I can see the sidelong glances.  BitinÕ her lip and refusinÕ to look at me or come over to talk to us.  The Bit did.  Was sweet of her.  She was nice to Polly. Of course Niblet has no clue whatÕs been goinÕ on between her big sis and her vampire big brother.  No idea that Buffy ripped my heart out and stomped on it just a couple of weeks ago.  Nobody knows.  Just as well, I guess.  I wouldnÕt be welcome here if anybody knew.




            Okay, IÕm not sure which one it is yet, but IÕm getting that ŅYouÕre just here to make somebody jealousÓ vibe off him, so I know sheÕs here.  The girl who dumped my vampire.  SheÕs somewhere in this room.   IÕm not leaving his side; not letting go of his hand.  If sheÕs here, sheÕs going to have to fight me for him.  IÕm not giving him up.  


               ItÕs not the teenager.  She worried me for a second when she ran up and hugged him, but itÕs easy to see thatÕs a platonic relationship.  Almost like theyÕre family.  SheÕs was nice to me.  Gave me the ŅYouÕre a fashion disasterÓ look, but didnÕt say anything.  I donÕt care what she thinks.  I look great next to Spike Š both of us in black and white.  What did she think he was going to show up with Š a cheerleader?  HeÕs a vampire, for crapÕs sake!  Not that heÕs alone in this room.  IÕve never seen so many ugly people in one place in my life.  Spike says theyÕre demons.  Something about the bride having been a demon for a thousand years.  And now sheÕs marrying a carpenter?  Weird with a beard.




               Thought Polly was never going to let go of my hand and I know Buffy wouldnÕt have come near us as long as she was there.  As happy as the Slayer looks to be, she wasnÕt havinÕ any part of meeting my ŅdateÓ.  But, nature called, in spite of her best efforts, and Polly took herself off to the loo.  DidnÕt take Buffy two seconds to stroll over here and pretend she just happened to be in this part of the room.


               Says she knows Polly is just an effort to make her jealous.  I had to ask if it was working.  Could have knocked me down with a feather when she admitted it hurt Š seeing me with somebody else.  Says it doesnÕt change anything, though.  Never met such a stubborn bint.  WillinÕ to make us both miserable just to keep from having to admit thereÕs something real between us.


                I donÕt want to hurt her.  SheÕs had enough of that in her life.  As chuffed as it makes me feel to know she doesnÕt like seeinÕ me with somebody else, I canÕt stay here knowing it hurts her to watch Polly hanging on me.  If she says she means it, weÕre leavinÕ. IÕll apologize to the whelp and demon-girl some other time. WonÕt stay here and cause her pain. 


                 I wonder if sheÕs just trying to make me feel better Š no, guess not.  Had a funny look on her face when she told me again that it hurt.  Like she really meant it and wasnÕt quite sure what to do about it.  I guess thatÕs my crumb.  WonÕt let herself love me, but she canÕt deny she feels something.  Thank you for that, love.


                 I wonder if she knows I heard that ŅYouÕre welcomeÓ as we went out the door? Would have sworn I heard real sadness in her voice.  Guess thatÕs it for my little adventure with Polly.  CanÕÕt stay with her if thereÕs any chance Buffy is going to reconsider. Not fair to the girl anyway.  SheÕs not stupid.  I know she knows IÕve been shuttinÕ my eyes and wishinÕ she was somebody else.  Time to go back to my crypt.  WhatÕs left of it.




            So thatÕs her. She must have run over there the minute I left for the ladies room.  She better not sneer at my clothes. Not while sheÕs wearing that godawful dress.  Probably not her choice, though. ItÕs a bridesmaid dress.  What kind of taste can a bride with such an ugly family have?


                 SheÕs beautiful.  I can see that.  Totally not what I would have expected Š blonde, clean-cut, probably perky if she wasnÕt glaring at me or looking at him with sad eyes. 


                I think I hate her.


                 I donÕt know what the deal is between them.  I know he loves her.  As much as IÕd like to think he wants to stay with me, there is no way he is ever going to look at me the way heÕs looking at her.  She must be really, really stupid if she broke up with him.  Good for me.  Bad for her.


              Whoops! Apparently weÕre leaving.  He didnÕt even introduce me or give me time to tell her to stay away from him.   I guess I was definitely here just to make her jealous. I wonder if it worked?  She didnÕt look very happy.  ItÕs not like a girl who looks like that would ever have to worry about me taking her guy.  Unless she was stupid enough to let him go. Maybe I should go back and thank her?  Tell her that her loss is my gain?


               Okay, maybe not. He seems really sure that it would be a very bad idea.  I wonder what a ŅSlayerÓ is?  Spike seems pretty serious about my staying away from her. I wish I knew which of us he was worried about. I guess itÕs me. He muttered something about a Ņbloody bad temper.Ó


               I wonder, if he stays here long enough, if heÕll start to see ME when we make love.  Maybe someday heÕllŃ


              Or maybe heÕll just kiss me sweetly and tell me good-bye.  Like heÕs doing now.  He says he has to go.  Thanks for the bed and the sex.  See you around.  No! DonÕt go!  I could make you forget about her!  I could. I promise. We can use the handcuffs again.  You can do me this time.  I could get another tattoo. I could get pierced again Š wherever you want me to, Spike.  Spike?




               CanÕt decide if IÕm a stupid git for leavinÕ such a sweet setup, or if William has reared his gentlemanly head. If I stay there, IÕm hurtinÕ two women.  The one I love; cause she can deny It all she wants, but she depends on me to love her.  Saw that today.  SheÕs not ready to move on any more than I am.  WouldÕt be fair to Polly to stay with her.  Not sayinÕ sheÕs in love with meÉbut she cares and itÕs got to be hurtinÕ her knowing IÕm thinkinÕ about somebody else when weÕre shagginÕ.  And I am.  Thinking about somebody else. I donÕt think thatÕs going away anytime soon.




             Well, I guess thatÕs that.  My perfect man turns out to be a vampire.  A vampire whoÕs in love with some blonde bitch without enough sense to keep him.  I guess I was just convenient.


the end


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