For Sandy (Tales of Spike) – Giles/Jenny

What might have been



words 318


what might have been


                “Have you always been this easily shocked?” Jenny asked with amusement as the librarian coughed and reddened.  “All I did was suggest we do something tonight that did not involve the children.”


                “Yes, Quite.  I didn’t mean to imply…” He took his glasses off and began to polish them vigorously.  “That is, I mean, not that I was thinking…but we could…”


               “I could come to your house for dinner?” she suggested gently.  “And you could play your guitar for me and sing love songs?”


             “Well, yes, that is actually…that would be lovely.  Really.  Would you?”


              “Well, since it was my idea, it would be very rude of me to say ‘no’ now, wouldn’t it?”  She smiled at him, a teasing glint in her eyes that made him suddenly feel much younger than he did when around the children.


                 “Right then, I’ll expect you at, say 6:00?  It will still be daylight then and quite safe to—“


                  “Rupert, I’m a big girl.  I go out at night all the time.  I know how to take care of myself.”


                  “I’m sure you do, Miss Calen- Jenny.  But this is Sunnydale. Even big girls sometimes get—“


                  “If I think it’s too dangerous to go home alone, then I guess we’ll have to think of some other… alternative.  Won’t we?”


                    She looked at him with completely insincere innocence, laughing at his hopeful, but embarrassed face as she kissed his cheek and said cheerfully, “You are adorable when you’re flustered.”


                    “I do NOT get ‘flustered’,” he protested indignantly.  “I am a grown man and perfectly capable of handling myself in a potentially romantic situation.”


                   Jenny’s expression softened and she leaned into him, whispering, “I’ll just bet you are…Ripper.”


                   Her laughter tinkled back to him as she walked into her classroom, her swaying hips promising more than he’d hoped for.



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