Title: Her Last Request

Season II – AU – no Angel around

Disclaimer – the characters are all Joss’s; the situation comes completely from a fun story called Any Last Request? by PattyAnne (see it at Sandbox fic or Sinister Attraction).  This is my take on her original idea.

Word count: 6800 +

Rating: NC17

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Thanks to Kirsty for making sure I haven’t typed anything stupid!




     Buffy was strolling through the cemetery, twirling her stake and humming.  It had been a slow night – only three fledglings to dust and she hadn’t even worked up a sweat. “This is really boring.  I wish I could find someone challenging to slay,” she muttered.


                 “Be careful what you wish for, little girl.” 


               She startled when a blond vampire draped in leather stepped into her path, then relaxed slightly when she saw who it was.


                 “Spike,” she responded calmly. “I thought you went to Brazil or wherever.”


                 “Keepin’ track of my whereabouts, Slayer? I didn’t know you cared.” He smirked at her disgusted face.


                 “Don’t flatter yourself,” she sneered, waving her hand dismissively.  “I just like to keep track of what’s in town that needs slaying.  Just my good luck-- I guess today it’s you.”


                 “Been awhile since I killed a Slayer, pet.  Thinkin’ it might be my lucky day.”


                  With that, he leaped toward her, fangs out, hands reaching for her shoulders. But the Slayer was already moving and his attack passed harmlessly over her head.  She could feel her blood singing – now this was more like it!  She had fought Spike several times before. Sometimes he seemed to win, sometimes she did; but somehow neither one had managed to kill the other.


                 The vampire, too, was enjoying the fight.  This was, without a doubt, the best Slayer he’d ever faced and her startling beauty enhanced his delight in the fight.  As they exchanged punches and kicks, he idly wondered how she would react if she knew that fighting her always gave him an immediate hard-on.


                 Back and forth they went, the pace of the fight ebbing and flowing as they moved all over the cemetery.  They were so evenly matched an onlooker might have assumed he was watching a choreographed scene from an action movie, rather than a battle meant to end in the death of one of the combatants.


                 The Slayer jumped and kicked, the vampire parried and spun, aiming his own kick at her head.  But she had twisted in midair and her head was several feet away from where his boot split the air.  Leaping and twisting, punch after punch was deflected or dodged, kick after kick failed to land solidly enough to do real damage. 


                 In spite of the joy of the fight, Buffy eventually found herself growing tired.  Even as she regretted having to end one of the best fights of her short life, she knew she needed to finish it soon before her exhaustion caused her to make a mistake. 


                 Summoning a second wind, she increased the pace of her attack, forcing the vampire back more and more until he was caught between her fists and the wall of a crypt.  She could sense that she finally had the upper hand for the first time all night.  Just as she spun into a final kick meant to disable the blond vampire long enough to stake him, her foot slipped on the wet grass just enough to throw her kick off.  While she was still in mid-air, the vampire slammed into her, pinning her to the ground.


                 In an instant, he had her arms pinned and his mouth was on her neck.  Instead of biting her immediately, though, he couldn’t resist a verbal taunt, “Well, well.  Hello, Cutie,” he said, slipping out of his vamp face for a second. “Any last requests before I send you to Slayer Heaven?”


                 Buffy stared at his startling blue eyes and thought about her answer.  She knew that he wasn’t expecting anything but a defiant quip.  He’d already told her the first time they fought that he could tell she wasn’t the begging kind. So it caught them both by surprise when she said, “Yes.”


                 “Yes?” he gulped, gaping at her.


                 “Yes, I have a last request.” She was looking at him with luminous green eyes. Her trim, athletic body was still under his except for the movement of her chest as she breathed in and out.  He knew she could feel his erection pressing against her thigh.  Without conscious thought he pressed himself harder against her.  Not because he thought it was necessary to keep her still, but because the heat coming off her body felt so damned good he almost couldn’t stand it.


                 Buffy saw the surprise on his face and the lust in his eyes.  For some reason, all she could think about was how good his body felt on hers, and the strange sensations it was creating.  (Dammit, if I’m going to die, I’m going to have some life experience to take with me).


                 “What is it then?” he asked thickly, “Anything you want as long as it doesn’t include letting you go.”


                 She looked away for a second, blushing prettily. 


(Bloody hell. Doesn’t the chit know what that does to something that lives on blood?)


  Turning back to him, she met his eyes bravely. “ I don’t want to die a virgin,” she said firmly.  “I want to know what it’s like to…to have sex.”


                 If he had a living heart, it would have stopped beating at that moment.  For an instant he wondered if she had read his mind.  Or, if she was so young and naēve she didn’t know what she was saying.


               “You know what you’re asking, luv, don’t you?   There’s only one way that can happen – and only one man, er, vampire here to do it.”


                Never taking her eyes off his, she licked her full pink lips and said, “I know. You can do it, can’t you? I mean, if you can’t, that’s OK.  It’s just that I would really……”


                His low growl shook her whole body – quite a pleasant sensation she was shocked to notice.  She was almost sorry when he stopped growling to speak.


                He thought if her eyes got any bigger they would pop out of her head and he could feel and hear her heart pounding so hard that he was sure it would be audible even without his vampire hearing. 


                 “Of course I can do it, you silly bint.  I just want to be sure you know what you’re asking for.”


                 “Well, yes… I mean, no, not exactly – but that’s the point.  I just want to know what it feels like.  How it’s done….Can – will you show me?”


                 Throughout the entire conversation, she hadn’t moved under him, not even to try to throw him off.  Suddenly she shifted her hips and his erection slid off her leg and between her thighs.  Without realizing it, he gave a slight groan as her legs opened to let him in and the smell of her arousal reached his nose.  There was no question what his answer was going to be.  His demon had gone from screaming for her blood to screaming for something else entirely and the decision was completely out of his hands.


               “All right, Slayer, I’ll do it.  But only because you asked me to.”

(If I wasn’t already damned, that lie would do it for sure).


                 She smiled at him tremulously and he wondered how he had never noticed how beautiful she was when she smiled. (Probably because she doesn’t smile at a lot of vampires, you stupid git!)


            “What do I -  we do first?” she whispered.


            He wanted to crush his mouth down on those ripe lips and kiss her unconscious, but it seemed somehow too intimate for mortal enemies.  Even mortal enemies who were planning to fuck themselves silly – which was definitely his new plan.  He reached down between them and opened his jeans, freeing his cock to lie between her warm thighs, just barely touching her damp underwear.  As it brushed against her warm crotch, Buffy gasped and pushed against him without even knowing she was doing it.  Fear and desire were swamping her with conflicting emotions and she wondered if her confusion showed on her face.


            “What, what do you want me to do?” she asked him softly.  Desire was rapidly winning the battle with fear, as her body seemed to be acting almost independently of her brain.


            “I want you to touch me, love.  Just touch me,” he breathed as he moved off her just enough to the side that she could reach him with the hand he freed.  He still kept her other arm pinned over her head with one hand.  He ran his free hand lightly down her body, smiling as she gasped at his touch.   Buffy blushed as she met his eyes and realized what he meant by “touch me”.  She knew exactly which body part he wanted her to touch, but decided that if this was going to be her only time with a man, she wanted the whole thing.  Tentatively she rested her palm against his chest and thrilled to feel the smooth hard muscles that shifted under her hand.  She was disappointed at the tee shirt barrier that kept her hand from his cool skin and frowned momentarily until she reached the hem at the bottom and could push it up.  Slowly, marveling at her own actions, she ran her hand down his body, past his flat belly until she was lightly touching his swollen cock, feeling its coolness against her hand.


            Spike hissed with pleasure as her warm hand curled around him.  “That’s it, love. Now stroke it, slowly – ah!” he gasped as the heat of her small hand moved up and down his shaft, warming it and making him even harder.  Buffy found herself enjoying her ability to make him hiss and groan just by moving her hand around.  She decided to experiment with different rhythms and touches; taking great delight in her ability to make him vocalize his pleasure.


            Spike kept one hand on the arm over her head to ensure she didn’t move away while he slid the other down her body to the hem of her skirt. He ran his hand back up her thigh, pushing the skirt up as he went.  He lowered his mouth to her neck and felt her flinch and relax her grip on his cock.  “Relax, love, I’m not going to bite you yet – just want to taste you.” As he spoke, he ran his cool tongue down the side of her neck and along her collarbone.  While his lips and tongue worried at all the bare skin he could find, his fingers were pushing aside her lacy underwear and lightly brushing over her pubic bone.  Buffy gasped as he touched her.


            “What are you doing?” she squeaked.


            “Easy, pet.  I’m just making you ready for me – I don’t want to rape you. You need to be wet and ready for me.  I want you to enjoy this.”  As he spoke, his mouth was traveling down her body, sucking on her nipples through the thin fabric of her blouse and down to her thigh.  He could feel her trembling and hear her heart beating faster as his mouth approached the soft area where her thigh met her lower abdomen.  He planted soft, light kisses everywhere his mouth traveled, pausing occasionally to run his tongue across her skin.  He took a quick glance at her to be sure the trembling he felt wasn’t all fear (and why should I care if she’s scared? I’m going to kill her, aren’t I?)


            He could smell her arousal and was surprised and excited to find she was already wet. The small gasps she was making and the way her hips rocked up toward his face was all the reassurance he needed to run his tongue from the top of her thigh into the damp folds beside it, spreading the moisture he found there as he went.  When her soft moans and whimpers and the continued movement of hips told him she was ready, he moved up her body and rubbed the head of his cock against her.  Buffy moaned and clutched at him as though she could pull him inside with her arms.  He gently inserted a couple of fingers first to stretch her and smiled as she clenched her muscles around them.  He moved his thumb against her clit and curled his fingers inside causing her to rock up into his hand.


            “Last chance, pet. Are you sure you want me to do this?” he asked, reading the answer in the way she pushed against his hand and moaned against his neck, but wanting to hear her say it.


            “Y – yes!” she panted “Yes, Spike, now.” She reached her hands around his back and clutched him closer to her, grinding her hips into his.


            Fighting his demon for control, Spike moved slowly and gently, pushing into her a little bit at a time.  When he met resistance and knew he was going to have to push hard to get in, he warned her, “This is going to hurt for a second or two, love. I’m sorry, but you’re so tight..” The Slayer whimpered briefly and gave a gasp as he pushed through her hymen and entered her completely.


The quick stab of pain Buffy felt when he pushed through was immediately forgotten as the sensation of being filled with his cool shaft and the weight of his body pressed against hers drove all other thoughts from her head.  Without having any idea what she was doing, she put her hands on his rear and pulled him into her, rubbing her clit against his pubic bone.


            The feel of her around him, the heat of her body enveloping him like warm velvet was too much for his demon and he vamped out, growling and pounding into her, forgetting completely about being slow and gentle.  To his amazement, rather than screaming or crying out, Buffy locked her legs around his hips and pounded back just as hard.


            Spike found himself babbling in her ear “Oh God, love, you feel so good, you are so hot, I want you so much.  Need you, Buffy, need you, want you, love….” Some part of his brain that was still functioning recognized the truth of what he was saying and he knew this was what he wanted to do to (with) her from the first moment that he had seen her dancing with her friends.


            He was used to having sex with strong partners – after all he spent most of his undead life with another vampire. And he had certainly had plenty of sex with other humans; usually just before he drained them.  But he had never felt this combination of strength, heat and sexual energy.  His only thought was, (This is much better than killing a Slayer…)


            When he felt Buffy climbing to her first orgasm, he forced his demon back and concentrated on her.  Twisting his hips, he breathed in her ear, “Come for me, Buffy, I know you can, Gonna make you…” His words were cut off as the Slayer gasped his name and clenched her muscles around him, sending him over the edge and into the best orgasm he could remember having in 125 years.  While he recovered from the experience, he could feel her body still shuddering with the after-effects of her first orgasmic experience.  They were both breathing hard, his body resting on hers, still inside her, but completely drained.  The Slayer’s arms were wrapped around him, holding him to her. (Like I ever want to leave this position)* he thought.


            He raised his head and looked at her face.  “Is that what you wanted, Slayer?” he asked.  She was staring back at him with a mix of expressions flitting across her face. He saw contentment, satisfaction, wonder, regret, tenderness (!), desire and finally, sadness.  Oddly enough, no fear, he noticed.  She took a deep breath and suddenly the girl was gone and he was looking down on the Slayer.


            “Any last requests?” she asked calmly.


            The vampire froze and stared down at the small girl beneath him.  Her arms were around him and he could feel the sharp tip of a stake pushing through his clothes into the skin on his back – right over his heart.


            To Buffy’s surprise, instead of the anger and fear she expected to see on his face, he was staring at her with open admiration. 


            ( What a Slayer! She used her virginity to seduce and get the drop on a master vampire – and she succeeded!)


            “Not your average Slayer, are you, love?” he breathed, being careful not to move. Her look clearly said, “Duh!” and she wiggled the stake to remind him she was waiting for an answer.


            “You’re amazing,” he said, still being cautious not to make any sudden motions. One flex of her bicep and he was dust in the wind.  She looked momentarily confused by his admiration, but pushed a little harder on the stake and repeated, “Any last requests?” 


            “I want to do it again,” he said carefully.


            The Slayer blinked and suddenly Buffy was back.  She became aware of his body lying on hers and that he was still inside her.  “No way,” she sputtered. “I’m not waiting around here on the cold ground until you’re ready to….oh!”  She gasped as she felt him grow hard and big again inside her.


            “See, love, all ready to go.”  He looked at her and smiled.  “Please?” he added.


            Unconsciously she clenched her muscles around him and was surprised to hear his hiss of pleasure and see his eyes shut briefly.  She bit her lip and tried to ignore the sensations he was creating in her lower body.  She mentally reviewed all the reasons why she shouldn’t allow this to happen again. She was still going over the reasons when she noticed that her body had decided it was a good idea and her hips were rocking against his in a rhythm that felt familiar and exciting at the same time.


            Spike lowered his face toward hers and she tightened her grip on the stake, but he just whispered, “I want to kiss you, Buffy – just once.”  He brushed his lips across her mouth, amazing her with how soft they were when the rest of him was so hard.  He brought his mouth to hers again - kissing, but not demanding, waiting until her lips parted for him before he teased his tongue into her mouth and moved it around, tasting her.


            Buffy felt herself responding to his kiss in a way that took her completely by surprise.  For several minutes both Slayer and vampire were perfectly still, nothing moving except their mouths and tongues; probing, tasting, alternately hard and demanding and soft and tender.  The kiss went on until Buffy, who, even with Slayer powers had to breath occasionally, finally broke it off, gasping for breath.  To her dismay, she found herself shaking with desire and the urge to bury herself in his cool mouth and to feel his body moving against hers again.  Catching on to what she wanted, Spike was more than willing to oblige, but he was afraid to move with the tip of the stake still digging into his back.  “Uh, Buffy? Love? Slayer?” He moved his shoulders slightly so she could tell what he was asking and time stopped for a few seconds as the Slayer warred with the young woman who had just discovered her own sexuality.


            “I don’t want to kill you, Buffy. I just want to ….”


            “To what, Spike? Have sex with me? We did that already. It was my last request, remember?”


“I don’t want to have sex again,.”


            “You, you don’t? But, I thought….” Expressions of dismay, disappointment, and indignation fought for dominance across her face. Unconsciously, she tried to push away from his body with her free hand.


            “No, pet,” he said gently as he touched her face and ran his thumb down her cheek.  “I want to make love to you.  Please, baby, let me do that. Please?” As he finished speaking, he captured her mouth in his once again and with a small moan of acceptance Buffy fell into the sensation of kissing Spike ( kissing Spike!)* and allowed the hand holding the stake to slide off his back and down to her side.


            With infinitely more tenderness and care than the first time, Spike moved his hips gently against hers while he ran his hands under her shirt and pulled it up. Tearing their mouths apart briefly, they sat up and pulled each other’s shirts off. Buffy was on his lap, her legs still wrapped around him.  Her lacy little bra was gone before she had time to notice where his hands were, and his mouth was fastened around one nipple.  She moaned and arched her back, pushing her breast into his mouth while her hands moved lightly over his chest, feeling the shifting muscles and smooth cool skin.


            “Alright,” Spike said, as he brought his head up to look at her.  “Hardest thing I’ve ever done – but I want to do this right.”  As he spoke, he slowly lifted Buffy away from his body and off his erection.  He smiled when she whimpered in protest, and he leaned in for another kiss.  “Just for a moment, love, I promise.”  Quickly, he set her down on the ground and pulled off his boots and jeans.  She couldn’t take her eyes off his body. It was the first time she had actually seen a man naked.  He was smooth, lean and muscular at the same time, and with him kneeling in front of her his erection was almost at eye level.  Instinctively she knew that not all men were quite that impressive.  (Or cocky), she thought as he noticed her eyes going over his body and grinned at her.


 “D’ya like what you see, love?” he teased, running his hand down his chest and abdomen.  Buffy blushed and tried to look away, but he grabbed her chin and turned her head back to him.  “No, love, don’t ever be ashamed of what you want – or what you feel.  It’s all part of who you are.”


            He pulled her up into a kneeling position facing him and unzipped her skirt, pulling it down over her hips. He hooked his fingers in her underwear and tore it off. She was then facing him, naked except for the clothing pooled around her knees.  “Ah, love, you’re so beautiful – all golden hair and silken skin.” He ran his hands through her hair and down over her breasts and around to her rear.  He pulled her in for another kiss and the stake fell from her limp hand as she gave up and surrendered to the incredible sensations he was causing all over her body.


            Freed from the fear of imminent death at each other’s hands, Spike and Buffy spent several minutes kneeling face to face, kissing and sending their hands moving all over each other’s bodies.  Almost as though they were trying to memorize every inch of flesh, caressing every muscle, tracing every bone - committing to memory every touch, every place that could bring a groan or whimper or moan from lips that couldn’t bear to be separated for more than a few seconds at a time. 


Buffy thought she could easily spend the rest of her life lost in that mouth, tasting that tongue, sucking on that lower lip.  She whimpered when his mouth went away, only to be rewarded by the feel of those lips moving down her neck, that tongue licking her shoulders, licking her nipples, alternating between breasts as his hands continued to touch and caress – cool fingers leaving heated trails everywhere they went. 


Eventually, confident that he had seen to each breast, Spike moved his mouth down her body, ran his tongue into and around her navel and down to the soft brown curls still wet from their first time.  Buffy’s breath caught in her throat as his tongue worked its way through the curls and touched her throbbing clit.  With a low moan, she slumped bonelessly and would have fallen if strong arms hadn’t caught her and laid her down gently on the lining of his leather duster.  She threw her head from side to side making little mewing noises as Spike’s tongue created sensations she couldn’t even describe.  She couldn’t decide if she never wanted him to stop, or if she needed him to stop before he killed her.  It briefly crossed her mind that this was all part of an evil plan to tongue her to death.  Then he pulled her into his mouth and bit down gently, sucking at the same time and she clenched her thighs around his head and shook all over from the force of her orgasm.  While she was still shaking from the effects, he slid up her body and inside her warm walls.


            “Oh, no, Spike.  I can’t.  I’m too…….” Her voice trailed off as he filled her up, slowly stretching her to accommodate him.  The look on his face as he slid into her was unfamiliar and disturbing.  If she hadn’t known better, she would have sworn it was adoration, but that was ridiculous. They were sworn enemies. They hated each other.  She was still murmuring that she,  “wasn’t ready, couldn’t possibly…” .He interrupted her, “Yes, you can, love. You can and you will. You’re going to come for me until neither of us can move anymore.”  As though to prove his point, he began gently rocking his hips and she found herself falling back into the smooth rhythm they had earlier.


            This time their easy rhythm wasn’t interrupted by Spike’s demon and they moved together gently, allowing the need for faster and stronger thrusts to build slowly until they were panting in unison and Spike was twirling his hips at the end of each thrust in way that made Buffy tremble and whimper and clench her Slayer-strength muscles around him.  It briefly crossed her mind that if she clutched a human man the way she was gripping the vamp that she would probably hurt him.  Then she forgot completely about anything except the waves of pleasure radiating from her core all the way out to her fingers and toes.  She felt him shudder with his release and he fell upon her, murmuring in her ear endearments that she was sure he didn’t mean.


            Belatedly Buffy remembered what she had been about to do before Spike made his request, and she reached for her stake.  Just as her fingers touched the wood, Spike’s hand closed over hers and pulled it away.  “Uh, uh, Slayer. None of that. I beat you fair and square and now I get to kill you.”  As he said that and leaned toward her neck with his fangs dropping down, he was thinking, “Tell me ‘no’, Slayer.  Please tell me ‘no’”.


            Buffy blinked twice and said, “Uh, no?”


            The vampire reared back with a panicked look on his face.. “Tell me I didn’t say that out loud,” he begged.


            “’Fraid so” Buffy whispered.


            “Well,” he said indignantly, “You know I didn’t mean it, right? I mean, Big Bad, here – killer of Slayers, master vampire…” his voice trailed off as Buffy gently touched his ridges and ran her hand down to his mouth.  Without any conscious effort on his part, Spike’s human face came back and he pulled her fingers into his mouth and sucked gently on the tips.


            “Don’t I get another request?” she asked him, smiling slightly.  “Or have we covered all there is to know?”


            “Oh no, there’s more.  Lots more!  Different positions, creative foreplay…did you have something in mind? “ <I> *I hope *</I> he asked, pulling her up to her knees.


            “Well,” she hesitated and blushed, “I think I, that is….” Her eyes looked away from his interested face and she looked thoroughly embarrassed. “Never mind”


            “Hey,” Spike said softly, gently tipping her chin up to look at him, “What did I tell you about not being ashamed of what you want? You’re a very passionate young woman, Buffy.  Don’t try to hide your nature – enjoy it!  God knows, I am,” he added with a smile.


            “Ok” she said, taking a deep breath. “I’ve never…I mean, I know what it is… but – I don’t know how – or what it’s like to….” Buffy stopped in confusion.  Spike looked at her with a puzzled expression, and then followed her gaze down his body.  As she fumbled for the words, he realized with delight what she was trying to say.


            “You want to suck my cock?” he asked incredulously.


            “Well, yeah. I mean, if that’s okay with you...”


            “Oh, baby, you have no idea how okay that is!” He picked her up and hugged her tightly – then realized what he was doing and put her down quickly, trying to appear disinterested.  “I mean, okay, fine, if that’s your request, I’ll… Are you laughing at me?” he demanded in response to Buffy’s giggle when he put her down.


            “Oh, no, no!  I would never do that.  Nothing funny about vampires – nope – no laughing here.”  She peered at him from under her eyelashes to see if he was really angry with her.  When she notice that he was still smiling she relaxed and moved closer.


            “Um, so, um, should I start now? Will you tell me if I do it wrong? I want it to be good.” she told him earnestly.


            “Trust me, love, it will be good.  I’ve no doubt about that.” He leaned in to kiss her softly then lay down on his back and pulled her gently toward him.  “Just do what comes naturally,” he said leaning on one elbow.  Buffy hesitated for a second, drinking in the sight of his body stretched out before her, then followed her instincts and started running her lips and tongue along his skin.  She began at his neck, planting feathery kisses and nibbling with her blunt little teeth. When she got to his nipples and ran her tongue around them, she took the tip in her mouth and bit down.  She smiled at the gasps, groans and growls of pleasure she could get from him with just a few well-chosen bites and kisses.   She worked her way down his body, enjoying the smoothness of his skin and the unique scent that was Spike. 


When she got to the part she was seeking and began to run her tongue over and around the tip, Spikes growls deepened.  As she kissed, licked and nibbled on the head of his cock, his growls turned to groans – which turned into incoherent babbling when she finally took him in her mouth and began to experiment in earnest.  She thrilled at the power she had over him just then and wondered if she staked him now if he would even notice. (Not that I’m all that interested in slaying him right now) As though he read her mind, Spike growled, “You could have killed me a long time ago if you’d tried this.”  Buffy stopped her ministrations briefly to ask, “Is that another one of those things you didn’t mean to say aloud?”


            His eyes dark with desire, he smiled at her, “Prob’ly shouldn’t have. No way to talk to an enemy.”


            Buffy’s expression darkened momentarily at this reminder that they were supposed to hate each other, and as soon as he saw the light go out of her eyes, he wished he could take the words back.


            He couldn’t see her face again as she went back to her task, her hair spread out on him like a golden cloak.  He reached out and ran his fingers through it, marveling at how silky it was and stroking her head with his hand.  By now, Buffy has as much of him in her mouth as she could take in and she was sucking hard and running her tongue all over the head of his cock. Holding his balls in her warm little hand, she rolled them around, then moved her hand to his shaft and squeezed gently as she felt him getting closer to release.


            Spike was tugging on her head and begging her to stop before he came in her mouth, but she was determined to make this a memorable experience and just increased her efforts until she felt him stiffen and his hips rocked up toward her face as he howled, “Slayer! Buffy!” and came with a shudder.  When she was sure he was done, Buffy picked her head up and wiped her mouth.  Spike was lying flat on his back, taking deep, rapid, and totally unnecessary breaths.  She rested her head on his abdomen for a minute then looked from the completely oblivious vamp to her stake and reluctantly picked it up.  Placing it over his heart, she nudged him and said, “Your turn, Spike. Give me a reason not to….please?”


            He opened his eyes and looked at her with an expression that for some reason made her more uncomfortable than his vamp face would have.   He gently pushed the hair out of her face and offered, “Because it’s my turn to pleasure you again…if you’ll allow me.”


                        Several “last requests” later, the vampire was laying flat on his back looking for all the world like the corpse he was.  The Slayer was sprawled across his body, her head on his chest and their legs tangled together.


            “Whose turn is it now?” she mumbled into his chest without raising her head.


            “Don’t know, don’t care, can’t move,” he said with effort. “Now might be a good time for you to escape, Slayer.”


            “I would do that”, she said without moving, “if I thought I could walk.”


            He chuckled and put one arm around her, pulling her closer.  He felt her shiver and remembered that they had been naked on the damp ground all night.  Reaching for his coat, he pulled it over both of them, trapping the heat coming off her body.


            “Is that better, love?” he asked, dropping a kiss on the top of her head.


            “Yes, thank you,” she answered, snuggling closer and putting her arm across his chest.


            After several minutes of comfortable silence, she moved up a little higher and raised her head. “What do we do now, Spike?”


            “Rest?” he ventured carefully.


            Buffy gave him a playful smack on his shoulder and said, “You know what I mean.  I don’t think I hate you anymore. I don’t want to have to kill you.  Do you still want to kill me?” She looked up at his face and waited for an answer.


            “Bloody hell, woman! All I want to do to you is shag you senseless on a regular basis.  Always have, I think. Just couldn’t admit it to myself until now.”


            Buffy gave a little sigh of relief, then put her head back down and kissed him lightly on his collarbone.   “You know, no one can ever know about….”


            “Well, I’m sure as hell not going to be bragging to the demon world that I had my fangs on a Slayer’s neck and ended up making lo- er, shagging her all night.”


            “And, it can’t ever happen again.”


            “No,” he sighed.  “I suppose not. Back to being mortal enemies for us.”


            There was another silence and then Spike felt moisture on his neck and looked down to see Buffy with her eyes squeezed shut, trying to keep tears in.  “I don’t want to be enemies,” she sniffled. “I don’t want to have to kill you.”


            “I don’t want to kill you either, love,” he said, running his thumb down her cheek to wipe the tears.  “Don’t think I could if I had to.”


            “I don’t know what to do,” she said, staring at him with eyes still shiny with tears. “We fight all the time.  My watcher, my friends, everyone will expect me to try to kill you.  THEY might try to kill you!  I don’t know what to do!”


            “I do,” he said quietly, pulling her more tightly into his arms as though he would never let her go.  They rested together for a while longer wrapped in each other’s arms under the old leather duster.  Finally, with great reluctance, Spike slid her gently off his body and brushed her cheek with a kiss. “It’s almost dawn, love. I have to get inside.”


            “Oh! And I have to get home! My mom will kill me if she thinks I’ve been out all night!”


Awkwardly avoiding each other’s eyes, the two blondes got dressed, each lost in their own thoughts.  When they were dressed again, they stood apart looking at the ground and the surroundings.


            Finally, with an exasperated sigh, Spike looked up and spoke.  “Look, Slayer, what we did….it was wrong on so many levels…”


            “Oh, wrong!  Very wrong. Totally get the wrongness…” she agreed quickly, hiding any traces of the faint hurt she felt at his opinion of the night they spent. “You’ll want to get back to, to, well, to whoever you usually do this kind of thing with – and I need to get back to… to… to my life.  You know, high school, parties, friends, dates -all that stuff.  It was just a mistake. A bad idea, probably no fun for you - I’m babbling, aren’t I?”


            Yes, love, you are.” He smiled, stepping closer to her.  “I was about to say – but it was the best night of my life.”


            “Oh?  Oh! Really?” He swore his unbeating heart just skipped at the happy look on her face when she realized what he had said.  Then she sobered again almost immediately.  “But, it IS wrong.  We both know it.  We can’t ever…” She paused and looked him in the eye.  “You said you know what to do, Spike.  What is it?  How are we going to avoid being pushed into trying to kill each other again?”


            “I’m going to leave Sunnydale, Sla-Buffy,” he said quietly, putting his hands in his pockets.  “I’ll just pack up and go somewhere else. Then we won’t have to worry about anybody finding out that neither of us wants to kill the other anymore.”


            “Where, where will you go?” she asked tremulously. “How will I know if you’re all right?”


            “Do you care if I’m all right?” he asked curiously and with an uncharacteristic jolt of happiness.


            “Well, yeah.  I mean if somebody’s going to stake you, it should be me.  I’m the Slayer” she replied, blushing furiously.


            “Yes, you are, love.  For a long, long time I hope.”  As he said that, he remembered that most Slayers lived very short, brutal lives.


            “Ah, Buffy, you will be careful, won’t you, love?  Don’t let anything bite you except me.”


            “Well, I seem to have learned some new tricks tonight.  Maybe I can just…….”


            She was surprised at his immediately vamped-out response to her attempt at a joke and the snarl with which he said, “You’re not planning to make a habit of that ploy, are you?  I’ll rip the head off any other vampire that tries to….” He stopped when he saw the shock and fear on her face.  Forcing himself back into his human face, he tried to apologize.  “Buffy, love, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to frighten you.”


            “It’s okay, Spike.  I was only kidding – I don’t plan on making sex in graveyards part of my weapon arsenal.  I promise,” she said reaching up to cup the side of his face with her hand.


            He put his hand over hers and pressed a kiss into her palm.


            “I’ll let you know where I am, Slayer.  If you run into a situation where you need some back-up - something you can’t handle alone, you call me. OK?”


            “What makes you think I’ll need help?” she asked indignantly.  “You’re the first thing I’ve come across that I couldn’t handle.”


            “Oh, I think you handled me just fine, love,” he smirked at her.  Then, with a more serious expression on his face, “But I’m not necessarily the toughest thing you’ll come up against you know.  Top two or three, maybe,” Buffy rolled her eyes at his arrogance,  “but not the worst thing out there.  You need help, you holler, understand?”


            “Ok, trouble with a Big Bad, call Spike. I’ve got it.” She answered.


            “Well then, I’ll just be goin’. “ He leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead.  “Be careful, Slayer. Watch your back.”


            “You too, Spike.  Don’t get dusty.”  She turned and started walking away.  “See ya,” she tossed back over her shoulder.


            “See ya, Slayer,” he agreed and turned to go the other way.


            Buffy’s bouncy step carried her quickly toward the cemetery gate, but before she left, she turned to see that Spike had also stopped and was watching her walk away.


            She raised her hand and gave him a small wave, fighting the urge to run back and jump into his arms.  Spike put his hand to his lips and blew her a kiss, then forced himself to turn and continue walking away. When Buffy could no longer see his duster flapping behind him, she headed for Revello Drive.  What she didn’t see, as she walked with her head down fighting back tears (I am not going to cry over an evil vampire. I am not going to cry over an evil vampire.  I am not…) was the stealthy shadow that watched her all the way home and didn’t turn away until she was safely up the side of the house and in her room.


The End


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