For CopyKween who requested a fluffy Spara.  Nothing scarily explicit or non-Spuffy about it, just a hint of what might have been.


i see you


words 400

rating pg



i see you


             “Come on, Glinda, you know you want to play.”  Spike’s wicked grin made Tara blush even as she shook her head vigorously. 


             “No, no, I don’t. Really, Spike.  Think of something else to do.”


             “But I want to play strip poker.” The vampire pouted and tried to look hurt.  “Come on, luv.  You’re a bloody witch.  It’s not like you’re going to lose, you know.  If you don’t like your cards, you can just wave a hand and change ‘em.”


                 “But that would be cheating!”  Tara’s eyes were wide with dismay at the thought.


                 “Well, yeah, pet,” he explained patiently.  “What’s the fun of playing poker if you aren’t going to cheat?  You can be sure I’ll be cheating to try to get a look at what’s under those baggy clothes you insist on wearing.”


                  He waggled his eyebrows at her and managed to leer and look adorable at the same time.


                 “You don’t want to see what’s under my clothes, Spike,” she blushed and ducked her head.  “You should try to get Buffy or Willow to play with you. Not me.”


                 He slid closer to her and cocked his head.  “And why wouldn’t I want to see you naked, pet?” he asked with perfect seriousness.  “I know you must be hiding some serious curves under there.  All soft and womanly…just what a man wants on a cold night…”


                His eyes had glazed over as he talked and he came to himself with a little shake, saying quickly, “Not that I go around picturing you naked, you understand.  Wouldn’t do that.  Not to Red’s bird.  Might wake up and find myself all slimy and toad-like the next morning, yeah?”


                 Tara’s face, which had been bright red, but happy looking nevertheless, fell.


                  “Oh,” she said quietly.  “Well, I knew you wouldn’t – didn’t.  I mean, Men don’t look at me that way…”


                   The vampire took her chin in his hand and turned her head until she was looking right into his piercing blue eyes.


                   “Yes, they do, luv.  Oh yes, they do.”


                   He held her chin until he could read the understanding in her own soft expression, then released her and sat back, picking up the cards again. “So, what’s it to be, pet?  Five card stud or dealer’s choice?”


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