Written for the 12 months of BtVS; 7/27/05: This is my Angel fic. Spoilers for Season V Angel.  Rated PG

Not my character - IÕm just playing with him.



The Devil Inside

              by Slaymesoftly






I canÕt believe the Powers sent him back.  Bad enough he gets to go out a hero, making Buffy think he was the one who deserved her cookies; but now heÕs back.  And in MY office.  This place of evil that IÕm going to turn against itself.


               ItÕs not enough I have to learn how to run an evil law firm without corrupting myself and myÉemployees? Friends?  These humans that I work with.  Yes, I like that oneŃit certainly seems to fit better. They donÕt know me well enough to be friends now.  Not anymore. So just like that, four years are gone and my team is reduced to being just the humans that I work with Š no, these humans who work with me.  ThatÕs better.  THEY work with ME.  After all, IÕm the one the Senior Partners invited in here; they donÕt understand whatÕs happening here.  Not the way I do.  They canÕt tell the difference between the puppet and the strings like I can.  TheyÕre just tagalongs now, hangers-on.  Like Spike.


              He beat me.  He has never beaten me, not once in the 120 some-odd years since Dru drained his worthless body and brought him into our family.  Spike does NOT beat me.  At anything.   Until he comes back from being a ghost, and suddenly IÕm flat on my back, defeated.  By HIM.  And all for a ŅsoddinÕ cup of Mountain Dew.Ó


Beats me and then doesnÕt dust me.  DoesnÕt take the prize heÕs been itching after for years, and all because he ŅdoesnÕt want to bloody hear itÓ.  Meaning he thinks Buffy would be mad at him.  Meaning he thinks heÕs going to see her, and for long enough that it will matter if she gets mad at him.  When did Will get to be so arrogant?  Check that.  HeÕs always been arrogant.  And cocky.  But confident?  What makes him so confident that she wouldnÕt just stake him immediately?


Would she stake him for dusting me?  Of course she would!  She might haveŃthrough some misplaced sense of loyalty to himŃmight have someÉfeelingsÉfor him, but IÕm her true love.  Her soul mate.  Her first and only real love.  ThatÕs still true. 


IsnÕt it?


This thing she has Š had, HAD Š with Spike was justÉproximity.  And gratitude.  Okay, maybe some lust in there.  He is a pretty boy.  God knows IÕve succumbed to the lust he can create just byÉ.Whoa!  Not going there.  That was evil Angelus.  Not Angel. Never Angel. 





This ŅweÕre all a teamÓ thing is getting out of hand.  Damn human employees thinking they can tell me what I can and canÕt do with my law firm.  Who does that miserable ex-Watcher think he is?  Questioning my decisions.  Marching around as though he has some sort of pull with meŃlike he deserves some sort of input.  HeÕs lucky I didnÕt go ahead and kill him for what he did with Conner.  Really shouldnÕt be pushing me on this. Damn Limey doesnÕt know when to back off.  I wonder what a Watcher tastes likeÉ..






For a street kid who never finished high school, he sure took to those lawyer upgrades in a hurry.  And how the hell did HE become the one who can talk to the big cat?  IÕM the big cheese here.  IÕm the CEO.  Strutting around here in those fancy suits, spouting legalese and telling me which contracts I have to fulfill and which ones I can skip.  YouÕd think he was making the decisions for the firm.  And whatÕs up with hanging out with SpikeÉ?




Sweet little Fred.  SheÕll never turn on me.  IÕm her Ņhandsome manÓ, her knight in shining armor, herÉwonder why she keeps getting involved with other men? First Gunn, now Wesley.  For all her brains the girl clearly has no taste.  She should be falling all over meÉ




At least thereÕs one other demon on the payroll, although heÕs maybe not the most masculine one IÕve ever seen.  Still, demon.  Better than all these wimpy humans.  And he never argues with me.  LorneÕs a good guyŃeven likes to hear me sing ŅMandy.Ó  I wonder why he doesnÕt tell me what he sees anymore when he catches me singing?  Must be because itÕs always the same thing.  IÕm the champion for the Powers That Be, only vampire with a soulÉstrike that. The FIRST vampire to have a soul.  Damn Spike!  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  BuffyÕs one true love, defender of the weak, leader of men, blah, blah, blah.  ThatÕs probably it.  HeÕs seen it so many times heÕs getting bored.  ThatÕs why heÕs spending so much time with Wesley and GunnÉ.




Just as glad the Scoobies all left for England after the last apocalypse.  They really get on my nerves.  Always have. 


Xander, with his stupid jokes and demon girlfriends.  Calling me ŅdeadboyÓ all the time.  Hiding behind Buffy for protection when he can tell IÕve had it with him.  Like I didnÕt know he wanted her for himself.  Stupid jealous boy.  I should have made him a minion when I had the chance.  Angelus wouldÕve given him a whole new perspective on what it means to be low man on the totem poleÉ.


Willow.  Now she would have been a childe worth having!  Except for the powerful witch thingÉ who would have guessed she was going to be that strong? Should have, I guess, when she was able to put my soul back from her hospital bed.  I canÕt believe she almost ended the world.  What a mate she would makeÉ for Angelus.  Not for me of course.  I donÕt have those thoughts anymoreÉ.


Giles the ex-Watcher.  I wonder what kind of vampire Ripper would make?  Give me a run for my money, IÕd bet.  I wonder if the grudge heÕs holding about that gypsy woman would carry over?  Not like it was my fault.  Stupid bitch wanted to re-curse me.  Wanted to put my soul back.  Not that I didnÕt- donÕt want it.  I want my soul.  Of course I do.  It makes me special.  Well, more specialÉ





Ah, Buffy.  The last of the Chosen Ones.   Now there are the Chosen hundreds.  Kinda takes the gleam off.  Much as I hate to see her with the Immortal Š oily son of a bitch Š IÕm glad sheÕs gotten over that little obsession with Spike.  CanÕt believe she cried over his miserable self when she thought he was gone.


 Still does think heÕs gone, I guess.  IÕm sure she would have at least called me to ask about him if that wimpy little Watcher wannabe had told her he was here.  Not that she would have wanted to see him; but thatÕs just Buffy.  Always taking care of herÉfriends.  SheÕd want to know how he was, just because sheÕd feel responsible.  ThatÕs all it would be Š just duty. 


All that ŅheÕs in my heartÓ stuff was just because I wasnÕt around to help her see how wrong it would be.  She doesnÕt Š didnÕt Š love him.  She couldnÕt.  She loves me. Me. Her one true love.  Her soul mate.  IÕm her cookie-eater.  He was justÉconvenient.


IÕll give her a couple of years to finish baking, and then IÕll pop in on her and tell her IÕve found a way to anchor my soul.   If I have by then, well, good enough.  And if not?  Angelus can turn her and we can still be together forever.  Yeah, thatÕs a plan.  Wait for me, Buff.  IÕm coming back to you





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