Title: An Alternative Gift  (2/24/04)

Rating: G

Season V – alternate ending

Word count – 952

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            Spike touched the watcher’s arm as they all approached Glory’s tower.  “So, it will take blood to stop this thing if the portal is opened? Dawn’s blood?”


            “Yes,” the watcher said tersely, “We’ve been over this”.


            “Humor me, Rupert.  And Dawn was made from Buffy, so her blood is Buffy’s blood, that right?”


            Giles stared at the vampire for a few seconds. “Yes”, he said slowly, “ that’s right.   You don’t think…..”


            “Never know what to think when it’s the Slayer. Or what to worry about,” he added.


            “She wouldn’t – she couldn’t,” Giles struggled for words and then groaned, “She would!”


            “Don’t worry,” I’m just thinking out loud.  It’s not gonna happen.  I told her I’d protect Dawn and I will.  Nothing’s going to shed her blood tonight.  I made a promise.” Spike said grimly.




            When Doc stabbed him and threw him off the tower, Spike knew his promise was about to be broken.  Half-sobbing with rage and frustration, he dragged himself to where Giles had just finished killing Ben/Glory.


            “Giles! I’ve got to get back up there. Help me!” the injured vampire begged.


            They could see the portal opening; see Buffy and Dawn arguing.  Already things were coming through the portal, things that didn’t belong in this world.  Giles was staring at the opened portal in horror. 


            “Now, Watcher, now! Get me up there,” Spike demanded frantically.


            “What are you talking about? If you couldn’t stop it when you were healthy, what can you do now?”


            “All it takes is Summers’ blood, right, Watcher?  I can do that,” he said slowly, hoping the man would get his meaning.  He could see the realization come across the watcher’s face – realization and a grudging respect.


            “You know what you’re saying?” he asked.


            “Think, Rupert.  Buffy, Dawn or me.  Is it even a contest?”


            Giles shook his head.  “But you’re a demon. Demons don’t….”He looked up to the top where Buffy and Dawn were still arguing as grotesque creatures continued to come through the portal.


            “Can’t believe everything the Council of Wankers tells you, you know.  Sooner you realize that, better you’ll be at your job, Watcher.”


            “How are you going to get up there?” he questioned.  “You can barely walk.”


            “I can do it. Just get me to the tower.” He gritted out as he shrugged off his duster.  “The bones are already knitting – I can feel them.”


            Giles threw the vampire’s arm over his shoulder and half-carried, half-dragged him to the tower steps.  “Now what? I can’t begin to get you up there in time.”


            Spike went into game face and grabbed a girder. “Watch and learn, Watcher – little trick I learned from Angelus.”  With that, Spike began climbing the tower, swinging from girder to girder and using his vampire strength to throw his body upward with each swing.  Giles could see the blood dripping from Spike’s wound, which had obviously torn open again.  He watched as the vampire swarmed up and over the top where he could no longer be seen from the base of the tower.  Quickly the Watcher backed up to where he could see what was going on.


            As Spike pulled himself on to the platform, he saw Buffy pull away from a sobbing Dawn and turn toward the portal.  “Buffy!” he gasped.  “Wait!”


            “Spike? What are you doing here?”


            “Keeping my promise, love,” he said as he got between her and the portal, swaying slightly on his injured leg. “You wouldn’t go without a goodbye, would you, Slayer?” Spike pulled her to him and raised her chin so he could reach her mouth.


            “What? Spike, I don’t have time for this…..” the rest was muffled by Spike’s lips on hers.  The vampire put everything he had into what he knew would be his last Buffy kiss.  He poured all the feelings he’d been carrying around for the past three years – passion, tenderness, hate, lust, admiration, love and finally, sadness. As the kiss went on, it was impossible for Buffy not to respond.  The raw emotion in the kiss overwhelmed her surprise and fear and she found herself melting into his body and returning the kiss with matching passion.  Spike’s strong arms were around her waist, holding her to his chest and she briefly noted how well their bodies fit together before losing herself again in the kiss.  Eventually, Buffy forced herself to push him away and Spike reluctantly released her mouth with a tenderness she could never have imagined from him.  His eyes were bright with unshed tears as he looked into hers and told her, “I love you, Buffy”.  Before she could react or respond, he slid into vamp face and sank his fangs into her neck.


            Surprise, dismay and disappointment all ran through Buffy’s mind as she felt her blood being pulled from her body.  As her legs gave way and she began to sink toward the platform, Spike gently lowered her into Dawn’s arms, saying, “Take care of each other, Niblet.”


            He touched Buffy’s shocked face gently and said “Good-bye, Slayer.” Turning, he ran toward the open portal and dove in.


                        “Spike!” Dawn shrieked as he jumped.  “Noooooo” she moaned as the portal spasmed around the vampire’s body; then winked closed, leaving nothing but a fine dust drifting down toward the upturned faces below.


            By the time Dawn and Buffy had crawled painfully back down the stairs, the Scoobies were standing together, leaning on each other for support and watching the dust drift away with a breeze.  Giles picked up his still weakened Slayer and carried her away.  Silently, Dawn picked up Spike’s coat and followed them home.


The end



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