WHOOPS!  (sometime in late 03 or early 2004?)

by Slaymesoftly

Season AtV Season V

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Might have gone this way, if Sarah'd cooperated.

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           IÕm going to have to call Buffy soon.  SheÕs going to be so brassed off that I didnÕt tell her right away.  But what was the point when I kept slipping into Hell every couple of minutes and couldnÕt even hold a telephone?  She knows I died lovinÕ her - no point in causing her more pain by coming back and then going away again.  Never want to hurt her. I hope she knows that.  I know she knows that.  Those last few minutes with our hands joined....IÕm part of her now, like sheÕs part of me.  WeÕre beyond ÒI love you - you love meÓ.  We just are...us...joined forever.  I know sheÕs all right.  I can feel it.  IÕd know if anything was wrong; if she was in danger or unhappy.  As long as everything's alright, thereÕs no hurry.


           ÔCourse, now that IÕm solid again... probably should have called as soon as I knew I was gonna stay this way.  I wonder if she knows yet? YouÕd think Wesley would have called her watcher, wouldnÕt you?  Right up their busybody alley - resurrected, souled vampire to study. Know Peaches wouldnÕt tell her.  Especially now that IÕm corporeal and can touch things....OK, letÕs donÕt go there.


         Speaking of touching things - got to come up with a good excuse for that little episode with Harm.  Just in case she blabs or somebody else does.  DonÕt know what I was thinkinÕ.  Just found that as soon as I was solid, I was....solid.....everywhere.  SlayerÕs not gonna be too happy about that.  Maybe IÕll hold off on that phone call a couple more days. Take some time to figure out what I want to say.


              Hey!  WhatÕs that?  Sounds like a lot of shouting.  SomeoneÕs calling Angel names - got to appreciate that.  Noise is coming closer; sounds like furniture breaking.  HarmÕs yelling something about ÒBlondie BearÓ (what was I thinking?).  Whoops!  Sounds like she was cut off in mid-rant.  Ouch! Peaches just bounced off my door and hit the floor.  Who around here could or would do that to him? Or hit Harm? Or break furniture? Or.......Oh...... Bollocks!


ÒUm.....Hi, luv.   YouÕre looking goo--.Ó


the end


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