Fics are mostly listed by season and primary character(s), with a rating, a summary, and date of creation/publication following the title. Dates on many of the earlier (pre 2004/5) ones are approximate due to their having been reopened so many times on so many different laptops and/or copied into Word from Appleworks some time after they were originally written.  Figure, probably nothing earlier than late 2002, but many written in early 2003-4 that may show up as later entries. (March 19, 2004 seems to be the date that I last opened and worked on many of my old fics) Some stories may also be categorized by theme or series. If you don’t find what you’re looking for one place, try looking farther down the list. Story ratings range from G to NC17.  Please check the rating and do not read any for which you are not old enough.  You will be old soon enough – I promise you!


            If I have borrowed a theme from another author (only one at this time, although there are several challenge fics that will, by their very nature, be similar to those done by other authors taking up the same challenge) I will attribute it at the beginning of the story.  I would expect the same courtesy from anyone borrowing one of my ideas.  And, I would like to be asked for permission first.  I do NOT give anyone permission to copy or use any portion of any of my writing for their own purposes.  That is called plagiarism….


            And, just so there are no misunderstandings – these fics are about characters invented and owned by Joss Whedon, his company Mutant Enemy, and/or the studios that produced the TV shows that inspired them.  They are written strictly for the entertainment value and I’m not making a penny from them. The stories themselves, on the other hand, while using someone else’s characters and world, are my intellectual property and belong to me. 

        Just a quick note to say that since these are fan fics -- my original stories using characters and settings from TV shows -- they are not, by definition, canon fics. The only exceptions will be those presented as “Fill in the Blanks”  (FitB) scenes that could have happened off screen without changing the following episodes in any way.  The minute I put my own words into a character’s mouth, or have him or her experience something that we didn’t see on the screen, it has become a non-canon fic. Some stories may follow canon fairly closely, with only a slight twist here or there to make them Spuffy, but many (most?) are going be about events that never happened on screen. And many of them will be set in an Alternate Universe of some sort -- one in which one event or another that is associated with a particular season never happened and therefore everything that follows is going to be different from that season’s canon. It seems to me that it should be fairly obvious that fanfiction would not necessarily follow canon, since it’s all about tweaking things, but perhaps not. So, consider this a blanket warning, even though I will glance through the summaries to see if I need to emphasize anything wildly AU for readers who prefer stories that adhere to canon as closely as possible. PWP can be assumed to be completely non-canon-compliant by their very nature -- with the possible exception of those set in Season Six.

    I don’t care for warnings on fic, so you will find very few. If I think something might be triggery - rape, extremely graphic violence or torture (not really my cuppa, but it could happen here and there), I will mention it. I will not warn for character deaths, story-specific character/other relationships, or anything else that is an important part of the story.  Most things you need to know will be hinted at in the summary.

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                                                 Fanfiction by Slaymesoftly

Season I

 Hearts Breaking Even - This is really a Season II fic, but it does begin in Season I. Go to season II for summary and link.


Season II

Do We Really Need Weapons for This? - PG13 - 375 words -  written during 2005 Christmas season for Bloodytearsoflife who requested season II showing an attraction between Spike and Buffy. Short little might-have-happened that doesn’t change canon at all.


Hearts Breaking Even (October 7, 2005) – NC17 - 65,000 words - a multi-chapter time-travel fic  in which Buffy briefly meets a much younger William who remembers her fondly when he comes to Sunnydale as a 124-year-old vampire.  Follows some canon events, but is obviously AU.  Award winner.

Her Last Request   (January, 2004) - NC17 -  6800 + words -  a Master Vampire and a young Slayer meet for what turns out to be their last fight.  A PWP based on an idea that belongs to the talented Pattyanne and her fic “Any Last Requests”.  There is a much longer and plottier Season IV sequel titled  Promises Kept

Later   (April, 2009) PG - 2060 words - Between-the-lines one-shot in which Buffy finds Spike in his wheelchair. She’d been assuming he died in the fire.

Loves Lost  (February 12, 2006)–  NC17 - 15,500 words - multiple warnings for this one: character death, rape, violence,  non-consensual sexual contact and angst.  This fic was written for the Good__Evil community on LJ for the Good Giles/Evil Ethan month. This fic has both, but revolves around Buffy and Spike.  It is not a Spuffy fic, however, in the sense that they are together or that it has a happy ending for them.  It is the first in a series of four fics that constitute a series of steadily Spuffier stories called, aptly enough, the Loves Lost Series. This fic was the Judge’s Choice winner in the first ‘Best of....’ round at Fang Fetish Awards in the Best Dark category. Totally AU from the beginning.

Love Awakened (March 2006) - NC17 - 24,500 words - The angsty second in the series that begins with Loves Lost, it picks up when Buffy gets home and has to deal with the aftermath.  She finds support and solace in an unexpected place.  Award nominated. Following two fics linked in Season III list.

Monster Mash  (October, 2010) - PG - Short Spike pov season 2 Halloween one-shot. Mild humor.

Prologue to Life/I Know You. (March 16, 2005)– NC17 –64,000 words - a multi chaptered challenge response – Buffy is sent back into her sixteen-year-old body with all her post-Chosen memories intact.  Spike is not quite prepared for the Slayer he meets in Sunnydale this time around, but she is more than ready for him, and things go very differently... The Prologue was originally a short, post Chosen standalone.  A multiple award winner, I Know You has become the first story in an ongoing series, now known as The I Know You series.  I Know You, II; Knowing and Watching, and Pop Goes the Weasel, Meanwhile Back at Sunndale are the others in the series (as of April, 2013). They can be found linked together in Season III fics, below.

School Hard Remix - She Really Didn’t Like High School Anyway.

November 2013 - Remix of Aadler’s Come to my Window. - gen fic about the girl who Spike turned and sent after Buffy.

The Gentleman Wore Leather  (February 19, 2006) - NC17 - 6900 words - Twisted Spuffy entry for the episode “Halloween”. Buffy remains under her costume’s spell a bit longer than she did on the show... Pretty much light pRon with a teeny bit of plot.

 Season III

 A Mother’s Plea  (January 4, 2006)– PG – 9900 + or - words -What if Angel had drained Buffy to save his life, and Spike was there visiting Joyce when she got the call to go to the hospital? What if Joyce asked him to “save” her daughter?  Award winner. My first vampire Buffy fic. 

 Born To Be My Baby  (November 2006) - NC17 - 10,000 words - the sequel to A Mother’s Plea, Buffy struggles with her new place in the world and her relationships with both the vampire who killed her and the one who gave her unlife. 

I Know You , II  (June 10, 2007) - NC17 - 86,700 words - the multi-chaptered sequel to Prologue to Life/I Know You, this one follows the youthful Buffy who was replaced by “our Buffy” in the first story. She has been sent to an alternate dimension with few similarities to either of the two Sunnydale dimensions.  After a year on her own, she is joined there by soulless, early-season Spike who was kicked out when “our” Spike replaced him at the end of I Know You. There is a Big Bad to defeat, but the story is primarily about the growth of their relationship.

Knowing and Watching  (April, 2009) NC17 - (shorter fic) I’m not really sure where to put this sequel to I Know You, II.  It takes place some time after the events of IKY,II, and in the alternate dimension where there is no Sunnydale. So, it really isn’t a season III fic at all. It’s an Alternate Universe story, but I don’t have a category for that, so I’m sticking it here. Spike and Buffy have settled into their lives as mated protectors of society and this is just one of their adventures.

Pop Goes the Weasel (August, 2011) Rated R - (shorter fic)Another adventure set in the world of Winterset. Maybe a year or so after I Know You II.

Love Continued  (May 31, 2005) - NC17 - 22,400 words - The third in the Loves Lost series,  Spike finds an urgent reason to return to Sunnydale.  Still angsty, but he’s working  on something.

Love Sanctioned  (December 2006) - NC17 - 33,300 words - The fourth and last in the Loves Lost series, in which our two heroes finally get their happy ending; albeit, not without a few trials and tribulations first. 

Season IV

A Different Shade of Blue (10/17/06) rated PG13 - one shot - What if Willow hadn’t included Buffy in her spell? Then Spike would have been just another demon...and Xander would be a demon magnet. Warning - NOT SPUFFY (in fact, it’s more than a bit Spanderish)

A Very Strange Vampire   (3/23/12)  rated R, 40,000+ words. My wonderful beta, Always_jbj, gave me the following prompt and it took over my brain: “What if Buffy had not got the ring away from Spike, but he let her go anyway?” Pre Something Blue, more UST than anything else for most of the fic, but they find their way past their differences... Mostly fluff if you don’t count the getting beat-up, shot up, and fight with Adam...

Aftermath   (June 10, 2010) Strong R or NC17 in places. - multi-chapter, but not an epic - a post Something Blue fic, most chapters of which were written to meet prompts from Taming the Muse. The effects of the spell linger long enough for Buffy and Spike to develop a different relationship than the one they had on the show.  In addition, The Initiative barely gets going before Giles and the Council shut it down.  Mostly fluffy Spuffy.

 Another One Bites the Dust   (April 26, 2006) PG13 - one shot - One of my “evil Spike” entries for a Good_Evil monthly challenge. More of a wannabe evil Spike, I’m afraid. Set during season IV, it cries out to be continued someday. Non-canon events.

Be Careful What You Wish For   (July 2012) PG - one shot, possible character death. Written for sb_fag_ends. What if early-season Spike finds a dying Buffy? Would he be happy about it?

Bewitched, Bothered and...  (December 2008) PG - one shot -   A short, alternate ending for that pesky spell. What if Spike and Buffy asked for the forgetting spell? What if it worked and they were able to forget that they’re enemies? Humor?

The) Blindest of Dates -   (2010_ - PG13 - 7900 word one-shot - the Schmoop Bingo prompt was “pretending to be a couple”. Turns out Spike and Buffy do that pretty well...

Boy Good   (October, 2006) - NC17 - 25,000 words - written when Zoegrace requested someone write a sequel to her cute little non-canon ficlet “Boy Smell Good”. Spike follows Cave Buffy back to her dorm room during Beer Bad and it goes way off-canon from there.  A bit of Biley here and there, as well as some Riley bashing and possible minor character death.

Double Bubble, Toil and…   (January 9, 2006) -  R –15,000 words - a response to “Evil Willow” month at Good__Evil.  Willow doesn’t give up her “will be done” spell quite as easily and Giles must step in.  Meanwhile, Spike and Buffy disappear for a while after she tells them…well, anyway, Buffy learns  more about the “real” Spike, including the fact that he can be a gentleman when he wants to. And an appearance by Ripper!  Award winner.

Even Demons Need Friends   (Oct. 2010)  PG13 -  6100 words. This is more of a Giles, Spike thing that wanders off into potential Spuffy territory, but ends with Spike leaving town. Some humor before that happens.The premise is: what if Giles had remained a Fyral demon a little longer? What might have happened to him? Would he and Spike bond? :) Season Five sequel: A Friend in Need.

Frosty the Snowman...   (December, 2009) one shot short ficlet - Spike/Willow PG13, written for a challenge at Nekid Spike. Willow wants to build a snowman, but she doesn’t know how.  Spike does.


Initiative Dreams   (June 4, 2004)– NC17 – 44,000+ words) Spike and Buffy develop a mystical connection after Willow’s “will be done” spell; a connection that helps them defeat Adam, as well as to recognize their own growing feelings for each other.  Some Riley-bashing. AU Season IV .


It’s All About the Blood   (October 5, 2004)– NC17 – 24,779 words) Spike’s offer to heal Buffy’s cut mouth leads to much more than either of them expected, including his saving her life and an unpleasant encounter with Riley’s squad of commandos.  Some Riley bashing,  definite commando-bashing, and a happy, Spuffy ending.  Non-canon from the beginning.

Just a Little Spell   (December 9, 2004)– NC17-  100,000+ words - what if Spike and Buffy got REALLY carried away while under Willow’s spell?  A long fic with one of my shmoopier endings.  Original characters, Xander-bashing (funny Xander-bashing) and surprises from the Council for a claimed Slayer and her vampire. Multiple award winner.  AU Season IV

Like Warm Champagne   (October 13, 2004)– strong R –11,000 words - Begins during the body swap episode, then goes its own way.  Turns out Spike is only interested in the Slayer’s body if Buffy is actually in it.

Making it Work   (April, 2011)- strong R or NC17 - (26,631 words) Follows the two ficlets just below. Drunk Spike has come to Buffy after Dru kicked him out again. He thinks he wants to fight her, but ends up realizing that’s not what he wants at all… In this fic, they find that their situation may not be all that unique. The question is, can an unchipped, unsouled formerly evil vampire contain his demon well enough to suit the Chosen One?  Can they make it work?

Meanwhile, Back at the Hellmouth   (April, 2013) - (14,500+words) Another installment in the I Know You verse. We look in on “our” Spike and Buffy that we left in Sunnydale to try to change things there. Some things they could, some they couldn’t, so Adam is still an issue. And with Buffy trying to plan a wedding....

Not Tonight, Honey and Taming the Devill    (October 2010) - short, Schmoop Bingo fics - Prompt was Anniversary , one partner sick;  and my wild card fic which is a longer sequel to the anniversary fic. Ends up Spuffy.

No Harm  (February 2012) -strong R or NC17 - 5000 wds. - full prompt will be on the fic. Basically, I was asked to write a Something Blue fic in which there was hanky panky interrupted by the breaking spell. Did my best. :)

Out of the Blue   (October 2011) (37,684 words)Spike and Giles bond, he is more amenable to using his chipped status to help Buffy, and she is a little less judgemental that we’re used to seeing and accepts his help willingly. There are a few small moments in Pangs and Something Blue that make that not as beyond the realm of possibility as one might think. And the Initiative makes such an easy big bad. :)

 Promises Kept   (Formerly Sequel to Her Last Request) (April 20, 2004)– NC17 – 29,000+ wds -- Very much non-canon, the story is much better than the original title, I promise! Buffy asks Spike to come back and help her with Adam.  They find their little Season Two fling has affected them both more than anyone could have anticipated.  Riley is pretty much a non-starter once Spike returns to Sunnydale.

Roller Coaster of Love   (December 10, 2004)– NC17 – response to a challenge at the BSV that involves roller coasters (and Buffy’s fear of them), cotton candy, Xander’s fear of clowns. Could be season IV, V or somewhere in between. Totally non-canon situation and events  (Has Schmoop Bingo sequel of sorts, which can be found in the Short Schmoops link.

Something Bluer  (February 22, 2004?)- R or NC17- short little peek at some residual effects from Willow’s spell; followed by the same scene from Spike’s pov.  Another one of those very early fics that could/should disappear someday.

Still Bluer   (August 3, 2004) – NC17 – 22,818 wds. - Sequel to Something Bluer. Buffy’s insistence that the attraction between them was now out of their systems to the contrary, she and Spike are drawn together until they have to give up and admit they are a couple.  Completely non-canon, and just enough plot to get them together.

Trapped   (March 6, 2009) - NC17 - short, pure pwp fluff. Spuffy, but with Spander overtones.  Buffy finds Spike in a compromising position and decides she likes him like that. AU, obviously.

 The Bodyguard  (October 25, 2005) – PG13 or mild R – 15,982 wds -- written for the first challenge at Good__Evil  - a Dracula fic that plays fast and loose with timelines and canon, setting his visit earlier than his actual early Season V appearance.  Angel-bashing takes place, as does a bit of Riley-bashing and some Spuffy UST. It won the round at G_E and has since become quite popular.

I Would Die For You    (January 17, 2006)– NC17 –19,790 wds. -- the sequel to the Bodyguard.  Major Riley/Maggie bashing, possible character death.  Spike and Buffy have to deal with the UST they built up in the previous fic and deal with Riley’s jealousy at the same time.  Set in an AU Season IV where Adam isn’t an issue yet and Drac has already been and gone. 

Who With the What?    (Taming the Muse prompt “Blood, Sweat and Hysteria” May, 2010) - short, mild R, Spander. Xander gets all sweaty and bleeds. Can Spike help him out?

Season V

A Friend in Need  (January 2013) NC17 (just two chapters) A sequel to Even Demons Need Friends (season 4), Buffy needs Spike’s help with Glory and he returns to Sunnydale. More detailed summary is available on the fic itself.

 After Glory   (February 2003?)   PG13 – short Spuffy ficlet about what might have happened after Glory tortured Spike, followed by Spike’s pov. Another one of my earliest fics, have no idea when it was actually written. Buffy does what she can to help Spike heal from his injuries.  Probably another one of those ones that needs to go away some day...

 An Alternative Gift   (February 24, 2004?) PG – ficlet  Spike surprises Giles with a plan to save Dawn and Buffy. Angst warning. One of those ones where I thought “Hey! what if...?” and wrote it, only to find that the same thought had occurred to many other authors.  Ah well. This one might go away some day too...


Are We Friends?  (January 3, 2005) NC17 – 9313 words --challenge response in which Buffy is supposed to catch Spike in a compromising position. Followed immediately by it’s much longer and plottier sequel “Just a Summer Romance.” Set during the summer between Season IV and V -- non canon compliant.

Just a Summer Romance    (January 6, 2005) NC17 –59,588 words -- continues immediately following the ending of “Are We Friends” – what will happen to the relationship now?  And isn’t Riley due back soon…? Mild Angel discomfiting, but he comes through like a champ when Spike and Buffy need him.  AU for the events in its prequel as well as the events that follow.

Halloween Prompts   at sb_fag_ends (October, 2011)  A series of short ficlets written for prompts at the sb_fag_ends community. All Spuffy and mostly humorous. See navigation bar for all sb_fag_ends entries.

How Can Something So Cool Make Me So Hot?    (6/11/06)  NC17  5415 wds - a pwp written for Chelle.  Buffy gets a bad sunburn. Can Spike help? A pwp that seemed to need somewhere to go, so now has a sequel, When The Ice Has Melted   which can be found below.

If It’s Only a Dream...    (6/12/07) NC17 - 5800+ words -- written for the Spuffy Haven fic for banners.  The premise was: what if Buffy was somehow in Spike’s dream during OoMM? What would they do about it?  Would it carry over to RL? Clearly non-canon compliant. 

It’s a Crummy World   (fall, 2010) PG13 More short Schmoop Bingo stuff. The prompt was “crying”. Begins when an angry Spike finds Buffy on the back porch and goes off-canon from there.

Someday Soon   (April 17, 2004) – strong R or NC17 – 13,313 wds -- takes place in an alternate Season V where the relationship between Spike and Buffy is growing a little faster and stronger than on the show, and where Giles is a bit wiser.  Shortish fic with little plot, but serves as a good intro to the longer, plottier, “Make My Day” which is its sequel. 

Make My Day    (November 29, 2004) – NC17 –36,714 words --- the sequel to “Someday Soon”, it picks up right after Spike leaves Buffy’s house to go home and change. Non-canon season V.  Riley’s jealousy and indiscretions come back to bite him on the ass a bit harder than they did on the show…. 

No Rest for the Wicked    (December 2009) - PG13 - short sequel/follow-up to Slayer’s Night Off. Will probably end up being the first chapter of a longer fic, but for right now it just meets the criteria for a Taming the Muse prompt (creolization) Spike and Buffy advance their relationship just a little bit more.

Once Upon a Wish   (3/8/06) - Strong R - 12,177 wds. -- written for Seasonal Spuffy fairytale challenge. Buffy’s fairy godmother is a cranky little thing, but she’s got the right idea... Non-canon fluff.


One Good Day   (March 2, 2004) – G – A short ficlet about what might have happened in that porch scene when Buffy tells Spike about her mom’s illness. As with so many of my early fics, it turns out to be fairly unoriginal and trite. Speaking of things that wouldn’t be missed if they vanished...

Slayer’s Night Off (October 31, 2007) PG-13. 5300 wds. -- A fluffy twist on Season V in which Halloween turns Spuffy. See above for the beginning of a sequel - No Rest for the Wicked.

Shut Up, Spike    (8/3/06) - PG13  - short - written for another Good__Evil challenge. A conversation between Spike and Xander.   Mildly amusing between the lines scenario. Pre-Spander?

To Save a Lady   (2005) – NC17 – 77,780 words -- Set in an alternate, very early, Season V in which Spike is a more accepted member of the Scooby gang and everyone except Buffy and the vampire are more than aware of the growing attraction between the two. It takes an accidental trip back in time for them to realize how they feel about each other.  Winner of multiple awards, and one of my favs.  

Undivided    (July, 2007)  rated R - 20,186 words -- Written for WriterConUK’s banner fic before the August meeting. The artist wanted Scooby teamwork, Spike-Dawn friendship, and no Angel.  Came out Spuffy, of course. AU for everything except Glory’s presence.

When the Ice Has Melted    (November, 2009) PG13 or mild R, 24,639 wds. -  My Fall Seasonal Spuffy entry, it’s a sequel to the pwp, How Can Something So Cool Make Me So Hot?.   Buffy and Spike learn to deal and live with the after effects of their one night of unexpected passion

We Carry On   (Fall, 2010) - short, Giles-centric ficlet that takes place shortly after Buffy’s death. Giles, Spike.

Season VI   Note, Season VI was not a happy season- for anyone. I think you can safely assume that almost every fic here, if it has a Spuffy ending, is going to be non-canon compliant. And even some of those that don’t end Spuffy will be very different from anything we saw on the screen. Consider this a blanket cop-out about following canon that season. It rarely happens - maybe once or twice with fill-in-the-blanks fics, but that’s it. You’ve been warned.

A Very Spuffy Christmas   (December, 2005 – January 8, 2006) no worse than PG-13 up until the final “chapter” which is NC17.  A series of short fics written as Christmas presents for friends who requested “fluffy Spuffy”, it grew into four or five chapters in a  series taking place over Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Each one can stand alone, although together they begin to define a new relationship.  Season VI, but twisted to be happier.


And You Don’t Even Have to Wrap it/Merry Christmas, Spike   (December, 2011, ficlets) - What do get Spike for Christmas? Dawn has an idea for Buffy....

 As I Should Be  (7/6/06) PG - short - a more hopeful twist on the scene in which Buffy breaks up with Spike. Hey, it could have happened this way!  Followed by three more ficlets as we watch Buffy and Spike work their way back together. Very non-canon for the wedding and after.

Maybe We Can   (February, 2008) PG - a bit longer sequel to As I Should Be, it follows that slightly gentler version of the break-up to the wedding scenes.  A hopeful, if not totally Spuffy outcome.

All We’ve Ever Done is Dance    (2010) PG Written for the Schmoop Bingo prompts, it follows “Maybe We Can” immediately.

Good Food, Good Wine, a Candlelight Dinner and a Bit of Violence  (2010)  PG13 - follows AWEDID by another day. Buffy and Spike take their “baby steps”.

As They Lie Sleeping    (March 19, 2004)  PG13 – a very short , no doubt very unrealistic look at what might have taken place in Spike’s crypt between the scenes we were allowed to see.  Pure fluff and non-canon in tone.   Another one of those “I still have this up here...why?”

Bad Eggs   (March 19, 2004) PG13 – a short look at an alternate “As You Were”. Spike and Buffy have separately reached the same conclusion about their relationship. Any debate about the best solution is taken out of their hands when Riley and Sam show up to destroy the eggs.  Angst. Another old one with little to redeem it.

Christmas Berries   (Dec. 2012) - ficlet - sb_fag_ends prompt was chocolate and strawberries.


Close Enough   (February 24, 2004) – PG-13 short - As so many of my Season VI fics do, this one allows Spike to stand up to Buffy and force her to make a decision.  Could obviously be sequeled to give it a happier ending, but this seems true to her attitude at the time. 

Consequences    (March 2007) short - Written for Seven Seasons’ challenge - the challenge was - what if Spike knew what the Scoobies were planning and tried to stop it?  What was he afraid of?  NOT a fluffy fic! It was referred to by one reviewer as “a punch in the gut”.

 Conversations in a Crypt   (April 17, 2004) – G – a short peek at an unlikely private conversation between Spike and Buffy.  A private conversation that just happens to take place in front of one of the nerds’ cameras just as Willow has broken into their system. A nicer outcome than having them all watch Spike and Anya “moving on”.

Conversations About Dead People    (formerly You Can’t Go Home Again)- Nov. 2011 - PG - Quick fill-in-the-blanks ficlet about Buffy’s meeting with Angel after her resurrection. For prompt at fantasmagoria.

First Date   (March 21, 2004)  PG-13? –5075 wds.Spike and Riley force Buffy into an epiphany, which results in some Buffy-groveling before the ultimately Spuffy ending.


God Bless St. Valentine   (February 12, 2005)  NC17 –shortish pwp done in response to a challenge (dare?).  Anya shares an interesting article with Buffy who decides that Spike deserves a Valentine’s Day gift. Very Spuffy.  

The Valentine’s Day Special (February 2008) NC17 - 12,137 words --a schmoopy, smutty sequel to “God Bless St. Valentine”  in which Buffy gets some surprises and so does Spike. Suffice to say it’s a good day for them all the way around. Begins just after the end of the prequel, while Spike and Buffy are having a rare after-sex cuddle in his bed. Award nominated.

Gone   (November, 2009) strong R or NC17  Short ficlet written in response to discussions about whether invisible Buffy’s assault on Spike was an actual assault or non-con sex. I decided “no” and wrote a fill-in-the-blanks ficlet to show how.

Gordian Knot   (October, 2008) - PG13 ficlet done for Seasonal Spuffy in which Spike and Buffy have a conversation after the interminable birthday party.  Appearance by Halfrek. Spuffy humor.

Green Eyes    (February 28, 2004) PG – Ficlet Follows the cancelled wedding at which Spike showed up with a date and Buffy had to deal with feelings inspired by knowing she had pushed him into it.  Not as angsty as that makes it sound; they work through it with a little help from a smelly demon. A bit schmoopy, actually, and I’ve written better twists on the episode since then...

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Vampire   (4/14/07 )- One-shot - Written for Good-Evil’s Xander month.  Set during “Dead Things.” What if Xander had a chance to rescue Spike after Buffy left him in the alley?  What would he do? Xander-Spike friendship. My first gen-type fic. I think I like it.

 If I Hurt You, Will You Still Love Me?   (June, 2008) NC17 - 14,432 words -- Another one of my “fix Dead Things” fics. This one may be the definitive version. It leaves them in a happier place and with some hope for the future.

If That’s What it Takes    (May 2012) R - 36,000 + words - AU season six. Baby!fic.  Seasonal Spuffy entry for the Spring 2012 round. Buffy and Spike send some time in another dimension and come back with a need to rethink the relationship they had before they left.

It’s Easy If You’re Gifted  (December 2009) PG one shot - another Taming the Muse prompt - courage. Xander-centric.

Leaving    (September 24, 2004)  PG Very short -- My very first fic, the date reflects the latest publication date, rather than the actual date of creation which was much earlier - probably sometime in mid-2002 or 2003. It was also my first fic to be posted/published. It’s been polished a bit, but is essentially the final story I submitted to Inamorati.  As became my pattern for most of my Season VI fics, it has Spike trying to get Buffy to either admit her feelings for him, or allow him to leave Sunnydale and end his torment.

Memories Are Made of This  (December, 2011), Rated NC17 - 23,253 words --A Tabula Rasa (Joan and andy Randy) fic. What if the spell had lasted a few weeks instead of an evening? What if Joan and Randy thought they were in love and together? Has a surprisingly happy ending, considering...

Nights Off Are Over-rated   (December 2010) PG - another Schmoop Bingo ficlet. Just an imaginary scene that follows Buffy’s “Good fight” comment to Spike after they’ve rescued Dawn and Janice.

Not Ready   (November 2010)PG13. Pre-Spander, written for the lj community fall_for_sx. AU take on the months following The Gift, in which Spike and Xander end up as Dawn’s primary caregivers.  Sequel is  here: The Best of Friends

Normal is Just a Word    (May 2010) R -55,891 words --- actually begins after the end of Season Five and is essentially an AH fic for the first half. Based on the question “What if Buffy actually has been in a mental hospital all these years?”. The story continues on into season seven.  I’ve left it to the readers to decide which of the worlds she inhabits is the real one.

Not The Way We Were    (March 2007) Another short Seven Seasons challenge - this one is Spuffy. The prompt was - what if Riley came back as in “As You Were”, but he was not married? What would Buffy do? Award winner.

Older and Far Wiser    (November 11, 2007) PG13 - another tweaking of Older and Faraway in which secrets are revealed and everyone learns to deal. Much Spuffier than canon.

One Hundred, Forty-seven Days  (6/15/06)PG - another twist on the episode in which Buffy crawls out of her grave. The epilogue was intended as a drabble entry at Seasonal Spuffy, but it seemed to want a ficlet to go with it.

One, Two, Three, You’re Invisible     (September 28, 2005) PG-13, 6100 wds. --Written for 12 Mos of BtVS’s Nerd Trio month.  Combines the cameras with the invisibility ray in this off-canon scenario.  Poor Xander is dragged out of the land of denial. Humor more than anything else.


Please Don’t Leave Me  (July 10, 2004) PG-13 – 63,000 --Buffy’s attempts to keep her relationship with Spike a secret almost cost him his life and the respect of her friends and family.  Not as angsty as that sounds, it does have a happy Spuffy ending. 

Poppycock  (October 12, 2005) – NC17  9250 words -- Another “Dead Things” fic written for an LJ community, it follows canon where it can and veers off where I need it to.  A bit kinky (for me) and angsty, it has the obligatory Spuffy ending as well as a surprisingly accepting Xander.  


Re-write of Seeing Red    (May 23, 2005) PG – one of my incredibly boring titles for a short fic that changes the bathroom scene and its aftermath considerably.  Veers off-canon almost immediately as I re-write the scene to suit me. A reader favourite in spite of the unimaginative title.


See You Later, Slayer    (June 23, 2004) PG – a very short, angsty scene in front of Spike’s crypt – with no happy ending for anyone.  Sorry, that’s just the mood I was in at the time. 

Someone Will Pay     (March 2007) PG13 - another Seven Seasons challenge ficlet - What if Giles had not left yet when the Scoobies brought Buffy back; what if he found Spike just after Xander pushed him against the tree? Might things have gone differently?

The Best of Friends    (February, 2011) Strong R - 28,124 words --A Spander fic with some Spuffy in the middle. This is a sequel to Not Ready, and picks up shortly after that one ends. Willow has a plan, she won’t let Xander tell Spike about it, with disastrous results for their budding relationship.  Buffy’s a little softer and less needy in this fic than in canon. Obviously AU for the pairing.

The Way a Vamp Loves His Car     (December 17, 2005) PG – another 2005 short Christmas prezzie, this one for Amyb.  Buffy gets a bit drunk and Spike takes her home.  Nothing spectacular happens, just a reinforcement of his feelings and the barest suggestion on her part that she is happy about those feelings.  Takes place before “Smashed” while they are still friends.  (Sequel now completed - Baby, You Can Drive My Car )

Baby You Can Drive My Car    (October, 2007) Strong R or NC17 - the somewhat longer sequel to The Way a Vamp Loves His Car, this follows immediately after the events of that prequel.  Takes place in an alternate, less angsty season VI. Fluffy.

 Thoughts on a Wedding    (May 28, 2004) PG (language) – Spike’s POV  His thoughts as he watches Buffy at the wedding and after their brief conversation.  Pretty much what he would have been thinking in-canon, I suspect. 


To Fix What’s Not Broken    (August 17, 2005)  PG  - 8402 wds. --A Spuffy fic written for Dawn’s month at 12 mos. of BtVS in which Dawn discovers something about her keyness, and uses it to help Spike and Buffy. 


Tough Love    (February 24, 2004) – very short, almost drabble-length, strong R – Spike’s thoughts during “Smashed” and its most famous scene. Another one that could go away and no one would miss it...


Users     (August 15, 2004) – PG-13 – 9350 wds. -- Once again, Spike tries to do the right thing for both of them with disastrous results.  Help comes from a very surprising source…

What Big Teeth You Have   (June 20, 2005)  NC17 –  10,157 wds.-- written for the Spuffy Smutathon  - the request was for angst or romance (bit of both), smut, bite/claim.  Buffy is exceptionally cruel to Spike (emotionally) and he is angry enough to throw her out and stay away.  When Dawn asks him for help finding the missing Slayer, Buffy realizes that he still loves her and goes about trying to atone for her behaviour.  

You Always Hurt the One You Love    (April 14, 2004)  R – another short  fic set during “Dead Things” (this was my first one, actually, and the one that most easily slips into canon) . Something had to have happened to make Spike and Buffy all right with each other by the time her birthday party rolled around.  This fill-in-the-blanks might have been it… My first “Dead Things” fic, and still a favourite. I can see this happening and setting up the possibility of a better, more open relationship.

 Older and Closer to Love   (August 16, 2005) strong R? – a short tweaking/re-write of “Older and Faraway” in which a bit more Spuffyness ensues than what we saw on the show and Buffy tries to keep her promise made in my fic “You Always Hurt the One You Love” 


Season VII  Again, we all know (or think we do) what did and didn’t happen in Season VII, so assume if I’m writing it, it’s going to go off-canon at some point; or it will include a scene we’ve never seen.

Better Late Than Never   (March 9, 2004)  PG – one-shot -- one of several set in Season VII in which Buffy gets a chance to tell Spike how she feels before he is about to be incinerated.  

Even Champions Need a Home   (April 27, 2008) PG - My Spring Seasonal Spuffy entry. The themes were comedy and hope - this is more light humor and off-canon temporary respite from Season VII’s ultimate events.  Buffy is led to Spike when he is hiding in the school basement and decides not to leave him there.

It’s Over (August, 2009) R - one-shot -- Not fluffy, Buffy comes home much too late and changed in ways no one wanted. She’s not as unhappy about it as Spike might have hoped. Warning: no happy ending here.

Life is Complicated   (March 4, 2004) G – one shot -- ficlet another one of those “tell him now, while he might believe it” fics, set just after the episode First Date.  A very different take on the “I’m not ready for you to not be here” scene.


Like a Bad Penny (200?? last opened 3/24/04) R – one-shot --What if Buffy really missed Spike and was hanging out in his crypt when he returned from Africa?  He could have skipped all that being crazy stuff and gone right to Spuffyland.  Another one written much earlier than the above date would indicate, it may have been my second or third fic ever. I remember being completely flummoxed about what to do with their physical reunion. lol


One Slayer Too Many   (April 13, 2004) PG  ficlet– a bit different take on the scene in which Buffy finds Spike flirting with Faith on his bed in the basement.  

Out of Egypt    (May 24, 2004)  G – barely a ficlet - Buffy comes out of the land of de Nile following Robin’s attempt on Spike’s life. 


Request Denied   (August 16, 2005)  PG 13  A short ficlet from Season VII. This was inspired by Amy B’s “I’ve Got to Stop Thinking About That” that can be found on her site I’ll Be Your Mirror. (http://www.sand-in-my-shoes.com/mirror/)  Anya and Spike have just entered the house after their aborted trip to the Bronze and a conversation about orgasms which has inspired Spike to shove Anya and Xander together before retreating to his basement room.


Still in Love (February 24, 2004) G  - Spike overhears Buffy’s remark to Willow asking why everyone thinks she is “still in love with Spike”.  Follows the episode “First Date” but with a Spuffier ending.


The Last Night (July 19, 2004)  R – pretty much what the title says – filling in those missing scenes from their last night together.  


Training Potentials  (October 15, 2004) G A logical (IMHO) conclusion to the scene in the graveyard where Buffy worries that she has injured Spike by using him as a demonstration dummy. a non-canon event sparks a different sort of ending to the episode.

Who’s Fooling Whom?   (December, 2009) PG13 -  ficlet - for the Taming the Muse prompt “Mischievous” - Spike/Buffy and Dawn, Andrew. Somebody’s not as smart as they think they are...


Post Chosen, Angel the Souled Vampire Season V, and Future fics (Most not comics-compliant!)


Post Chosen

 Connecting/Always Mine   (May, 2003) G  Another one of my very first fics. Spike’s POV explaining why he is all right sacrificing himself for Buffy and the world, followed by Buffy’s explanation of why she is okay with his sacrifice. This may have been written immediately post Chosen, probably before we knew he was coming back in AtS. I was Jossed, but if we assume that Spike didn’t make it out of NFA, it still works.

A Prologue to Life    (January 27, 2005) G (I Know You - NC17) A short ficlet that became the prologue for the much longer, “I Know You” – Buffy and Dawn in the immediate aftermath of Sunnydale’s collapse.  Angst, but with a trace of hope. Followed immediately by I Know You - in which post Chosen Buffy is sent back to Season II Sunnydale and meets a Spike who is not ready for this Slayer.

Lessons from a Demon   (December, 2005)  Strong R one-shot -- Xander /Faith just post Chosen.  A bit of solace for the ones left behind.

Angel the Souled Vampire (Season V) Mostly Spuffy, but not all. Could also be Spike/other or gen.

Astronauts! Cavemen(April, 2009) PG 13 Written for Good Evil’s artathon and based on puppet Angel and Spike banner created by SpikesKat.  Humor. Some minor puppet violence...

Back in Town    (sometime in 2004)  G  Before we knew it wasn’t going to happen, this was one of the scenarios I imagined. * Sigh *

Busted   (February, 2010) PG13 - Someone ratted Spike out, and now he and Angel are on Buffy’s shit list...

Eve of Destruction  (12/8/06) PG Written for Good__Evil’s Apocalypse Challenge. Buffy brings a group of slayers to LA to help in the fight. No warnings, because, hey - it’s an apocalypse! Assume badness ensues.

Good Times   (May, 2010) PG Written for Taming_the _Muse.  Spike and Wesley, friendship/ Spuffy by implication.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail   (April, 2009) (strong R?) Written for a round at Nekid_Spike, my prompts were Fred, a basket...and of course, nekid Spike. It cried out for an Easter theme. Pure Spred fluff.

There Could be Complications   (2010) Written for Taming the Muse prompt “Chattel”. Another day at the office for Spike and Angel.


Two For the Apocalypse   (sometime in 2004) PG13  Another “it might have happened this way” – set a bit later in the season when the showdown with the Senior Partners is on the way.

Wake Up, I Love You  -   NC17 (June 2007) Another banner fic for Spuffy Haven’s fic for art challenges. The premise for this one was that Spike went into a coma after Dana drugged him. He refuses to wake up and Angel must go into his mind, where he finds out what Buffy means to him and who needs to come to wake him up.


Whoops  (2003?) – G - My first attempt to picture how the reunion might go. Very brief and to the point.


Who’s There?  (2003? ) PG Another possible reunion scenario set just after Spike becomes corporeal.  He answers the wrong phone at the wrong (right) time…

Season Eight and Nine Fics   I don’t know how many of these there are going to be, but enough that they deserve their own place. I don’t think it’s necessary to have read the comics to enjoy these (if for no other reason than that they are going to be AU), but a working knowledge of some of the events wouldn’t hurt.

Best Bloody Christmas Ever    (12/17/12) rated R, 5000 wds. A (not so) Comic Christmas that employs the first half of issue #16, then goes it’s own way. So, story was Jossed before it was written, but that’s what fanfic is all about, right? Twisting canon to make it Spuffy.   AU season 9 that begins with a little scene between Dowling and Buffy after Dawn and Xander have indicated they seem to be dating – or should be.

Crackity, Crack, Crack  - 4/10/10 - Begins as Issue #34 ends...  (warning - B/A in a way)

Every Time You Say Good-bye  - 3/17/11 - PG or R, depending on if you read Part B of the last chapter. Begins on the fire escape outside Dawn’s apartment (Issue #40) and takes Buffy (and Spike) through some dangers and events that help them get over their lack of confidence in each other’s feelings.

INK   - 10/21/11 - PG13 - set just after the end of Issue #1 and at the beginning of issue #2, but wanders off a bit. Just a 2500 word or so ficlet.

It’s a Vampire Thing   (Dec. 2011) Rated NC17 - Comics Verse - Begins Spuffy by implication, Spangel in the middle, back to Spuffy, with just a hint of Faith/Angel. Angel is brooding over his actions in Season Eight and Spike is asked to snap him out of it.

New Year - New Memories   December, 2011 Rating R. This year’s last fic. Buffy needs a date for NYE, Spike volunteers. Really all you need to know. :)

The Morning After    (March, 2012) Rating PG13 - Summary: Follows up on <lj user=gryfndor_godess> wonderful season 9 comic fic “Picture Perfect”. (http://gryfndor-godess.livejournal.com/139191.html#cutid1), which you should probably go read first, if for no other reason than her wonderful Spike pov.  Mine is from Buffy’s pov, and takes place the day after the infamous party...

Twi-who? - October, 2010 - PG - one of my Schmoop Bingo ficlets. The prompt was “reunion”. Set in comics, issue #36 and goes off from there.

What Were We Talking About When We Were So Rudely Interrupted?

3/22/12, PG13, The title is almost longer than the ficlet. Just a quick “might have been” scene following the last few panels of season 9, #7. With a Spuffy twist that it may or may not get come issue #8....

 Future FicsStories set in the future after both shows have ended; they will all be post Chosen and/or post NFA. (Unless otherwise noted, you can assume that these fics disregard the comics except for minor references here and there to early comic events. No knowledge of comics is required for any of these.

Always Wait For You - (November 3, 2007) Rated PG13 - My Seasonal Spuffy for this year; the theme was “new beginnings” so this fic takes place many years after the events of NFA.  Spike and Angel have shanshued, Buffy and Spike are together, and then it all goes to hell....It opens with Buffy in a familiar place, stake in hand.

Are Immortals Really Immortal?  (September 6, 2005) PG  Ficlet written for Wulfie’s Angel-bashing community:   Takes place during “The Girl in Question” and goes seriously AU from Andrew’s speech to Spike and Angel at the doorway to Buffy’s apartment.  Humor and character-bashing (actual bashing).

Buffyverse 2014 (May 10, 2004)  NC17 – Set ten years in the future, an accidental meeting brings Spike and Buffy together.  Explanations and resolutions are necessary.  

Dear John (September 2006) PG - set a few years after NFA, another chance meeting resulting in a long overdue conversation. Award winner. 

Don’t Want to Let You Go - February 2012 - Gethan ficlet, set in the world of Old Friends and Love Me, Love My Vampire. Giles has to decide what to do about Ethan.

Dream Lover (4/8/06) PG13 - set in Rome, some time after NFA. Buffy’s thoughts keep her awake at night. Not as sad as that might seem at first glance... Pretty hokey and schmoopy.

Five Gold Rings (12/2006)  PG 13 - set during AtS, season V - but takes place in Rome. Dawn tries to buy something for Buffy, but there is a competing bidder.  Fluffy Spuffy Christmas fic.

Frail (July, 2009)  PG -  My version of answering the question “what will Spike do when Buffy dies?”. Takes place well into the future when Buffy is dying of natural causes.www.google.com

From the Fires of Hell (2/10/06) - PG13 - Illyria requires Buffy’s assistance in rescuing Angel from a hell dimension after the fight with the Senior Partners.  A surprise awaits.  I’ve always intended to continue this, but the comics have intervened.

He Needs Me (April, 2008) Strong R - NOT SPUFFY! This is a Spander fic and there is a major character death in the very beginning.  Just so you know.  Spike wants to die; Xander wants him to live. I’m quite proud of this fic which has been nommed for and/or won some awards.

Home Is Where They Have to Take You In   (June, 2010) AU (not comics compliant) future in which Buffy has moved on after mourning her two lost vampires and has bought a home in London. And then she finds a strangely harmless and badly injured vampire hiding in her garden shed.  When he saves Dawn from harm, Buffy takes him in and tries to help him heal both his body and his mind.

John and Buffy- Fall, 2010 - three (so far) short fics written for Schmoop Bingo prompts. Years after NFA, Buffy runs into (actually runs into) a very familiar looking man who doesn’t remember her - or much else. But the attraction is there instantly and it doesn’t take them long to strike up a relationship. More ficlets to follow, most likely, as “John” tries to recover his memories.

 Life Goes On  (July 29, 2004)  strong R or NC17   The Council gets a packet from Wesley giving them some idea of the happenings in LA – then Giles realizes he has to share the information with Buffy.  It seems there is a blond man in a coma who has an unusual-looking blue visitor from time to time. Character deaths, both implied and shown, but with as happy an ending as is possible under those circumstances.  

Lovers and Lethe (August 19, 2005) NC17  Post NFA, Buffy comes to LA to find Spike, only to discover he doesn’t remember her.  Apparently he also doesn’t remember how stubborn she can be….

Once a Vamp Groupie... (July, 2009) NC17 (barely) Sequel to Lovers and Lethe. The inevitable has happened, and Buffy and Spike must return to LA to clean up the mess.

Never say Never     ( Fall, 2010) PG13 Buffy is a divorced, semi-retired slayer whose boss fixes her up with someone she thinks Buffy will hit it off with. Surprises all around. Written for the Schmoop Bingo prompt “Blind Date”.

Old Friends (II)  (February, 2009) PG13 A couple of years post Chosen and NFA, this is more of a gen fic than anything else. It was written for Always_jbj’s birthday, so leans heavily toward Giles/Ethan, but everyone makes an appearance. Riley is willing to release Ethan to Giles’ custody, but Buffy finds more than they bargained for in the cells of the new Initiative. References the comics - Season Eight, but doesn’t follow comics canon.

Love Me, Love My Vampire (February 2009) R rating? - a short Spuffy sequel to “Old Friends”, also set in that future. Spike and Buffy have worked out their issues, but their happy reunion is interrupted by an unexpected guest. Not that she is unwelcome... Comics references.

I Don’t Want To Let You Go (February 2012) Rated PG13 or RPart of the Old Friends verse. Giles and Ethan are still working out their relationship....


Ready to Unwrap  (December 17, 2007)NC17  Five years post NFA, Buffy answers Andrew’s phone and gets a surprise. It takes the surprise a while to work his way back into her good graces, but with the help of a Santa suit and a weather fairy, there is the inevitable happy Christmas ending.

So You Think You Can Dance (October, 2012) strong R. Many years after the events of Chosen and NFA, Buffy has come to Cleveland’s hellmouth to help the slayers there with a vampire they can’t seem to handle. Guess who it is?  Because they are who they are, and because Spike is a bit different, it takes them a while to work their way back together.

The Wind Beneath My Wings (October, 2006) NC17 (barely). Post NFA by a couple of years. Angel has shanshued and Buffy thinks she may as well marry him; what with Spike being dead and all... (Some Angel bashing, for those who care)

Things That Go Bump in the Night - September, 2008. NC17 - Post NFA by several years. Dawn calls on Buffy for help when she is frightened away from a haunted house.  A surprise awaits the slayer when she meets the ghost who haunts this old mansion in England... 

  1. (A)A Bumpy Christmas - (December, 2008) (PG 13) - Set in the world of Things That Go Bump, it’s a much shorter Christmas fic that begins almost a year after the events in that fic.  And yes, alas, I have written a baby!fic.

  2. (B)Bumpverse Schmoop - (mostly PG13, one R) a series of ficlets set in the Bumpverse and written for prompts at Schmoop_Bingo. So be warned - schmoop is the common theme. Several fics on one page in chronological order, they give little glimpses into life in the Bumpverse after the events of Things That Go Bump.

  3. (C)Always Knew I’d Go Down Fightin’... (November 2012)(PG13) 2800 words- Set in the Bumpverse where Spike is now fully human but has the same slayer powers as Buffy.  This ficlet is set many years in the future, when their family has grown and now includes grandchildren. The title is one of Spike’s lines from the show. Spike and Buffy wonder if they’ve become too old to be effective slayers.

Till the End of the World (July 17, 2004)  NC17 Twenty-five years after, Buffy is still fighting the good fight in spite of having had more losses through the years.  Then someone comes back into her life just in time.  Major angst if you read all the way through the epilogue.

White Hats Come in Different Shapes and Sizes (March 2009) NC17 (barely)  A Spuffy sequel of sorts to my Spack ficlet “Time Is On My Side”. It can be found here and below in the crossover/other characters section.


Holiday fics  - all marked in the appropriate season, but see the end of the page for all holiday-themed fics listed by holiday and title.


Other Characters:  These are drabbles or fics  in which someone other than Spike and Buffy takes center stage.  One or the other (or both) of our two heroes may appear, but the emphasis will be on someone else for a change. Most of these will also be listed in the appropriate season, but not all of them.


From the Journals of William Pratt - (July, 2008) PG13 - Imaginary entries in an imaginary journal circa 1880... inspired by artwork from nmcil.


Xander (note: Xander can be a good guy or a bad guy in my fics - in the one’s listed below, he’s mostly  a good guy, but you need to check the summaries for warnings.) Many of these are current or pre-slash Spander. Just so you know...

A Different Shade of Blue - (10/17/06) rated PG13 - what if Willow hadn’t included Buffy in her spell? Then Spike would have been just another demon...and Xander would be a demon magnet. Warning - NOT SPUFFY (in fact, it’s more than a bit Spanderish)

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Vampire 4/14/07 - Written for Good-Evil’s Xander month.  Set during “Dead Things.” What if Xander has a chance to rescue Spike after Buffy leaves him in alley?  What would he do? Xander-Spike friendship - of a sort.

Did I Just Do That? (2008) (R or NC17) short, slash sequel to A Different Shade of Blue. 

He Needs Me (June, 2008) NC17  Spander. Written for Spring_for_Xan.  Post NFA - warnings: begins with a character death; m/m slash. Award winner.

It’s Easy If You’re Gifted - December 2009 - for Taming the Muse prompt “Courage”

Lessons from a Demon - Christmas 2005 -  Strong R -Xander /Faith just post Chosen.  A bit of solace for the ones left behind.

Not Ready - November 2010  Pre-Spander. See Season VI for more summary.

The Best of Friends - February, 2011 Strong R - A Spander fic with some Spuffy in the middle. This is a sequel to Not Ready, and picks up shortly after that one ends. Willow has a plan, she won’t let Xander tell Spike about it, with disastrous results for their budding relationship.  Buffy’s a little softer and less needy in this fic than in canon. Obviously AU for the pairing. (This one can also be found in season six fics.

Shut Up, Spike - (8/3/06) - PG13  - written for another Good__Evil challenge. A conversation between Spike and Xander.   Mildly amusing between the lines scenario.

Tell It To Someone Who Cares -  another Seven Seasons season VI challenge - what if someone had heard Buffy tell Spike that she was in Heaven?

Who With the What? (May 2010 - Taming the Muse prompt - Blood, Sweat and Hysteria) Spander, Mild R rating.


Wrong Number - (9/27/06) PG - Written for evil Xander month at Good__Evil.  We don’t know that it didn’t happen this way.  Angst warning.  And Xander is NOT a good guy.


The Devil Inside – (July 27, 2005)PG Written for the 12 Mos of BtVS LJ Community – Angel’s thoughts.  This is not a Spuffy fic – Angel is the only character although he comments on everyone.

Redemption Redux (September 2006) PG13  A future fic in which Angel has shansued and gone to Buffy.  The main characters are Angel and Buffy but there is implied  Spuffy. Written for the September Good__Evil challenge - Good Angel.

Say You Will - September, 2008) Spangel! NC17 Written for Kat’s birthday. Very short pwp. No redeeming features to speak of except a trace of a reluctant relationship.


Solace for a Demon (August 16, 2005) – PG – very short, Anya pov.  Her thoughts when Xander and Buffy show up at the Magic Box just as she and Spike are leaving after their unwitting “performance” on TV.  Not Spuffy, this was written for 12 mos. of BTVS as an Anya entry. 


 To Fix What’s Not Broken (August 17, 2005)  PG  - A Spuffy fic written for Dawn’s month at 12 mos. of BtVS in which Dawn discovers something about her keyness, and uses it to help Spike and Buffy. 



Don’t Want to Let You Go - (Feb. 2012) ficlet set in the world of Old Friends and Love Me, Love My Vampire. Gile must decide what to do with Ethan.

It’s Nice to see You Again Too, Ripper    (New Title - formerly “Old Friends” but I have a real fic with that name, so I changed it.)  Christmas 2005  PG13 - A little between the scenes from the Band Candy episode - done as a prezzie for my wonderful beta, Always_jbj  who wanted something Gethan.

Old Friends II - (February 2009)  Now the only one with this title. :) written for Always jbj. This one is more of a gen fic with Gethan overtones. Set in the future and references the comics (Season Eight)

What Might Have Been - another 2005 Christmas request ficliet. The request was for Giles/Jenny.

You Can’t Go Home Again - Christmas 2007 Gethan fic for Always_jbj  Rated R - a bit angsty

We Carry On - (Fall 2010) Also found in Season Five fics, Giles wonders what to do after Buffy’s death and decides Spike needs to be the other grown up.


Thank you, Mum - also Christmas 2005 and also for Always_jbj. This is Joyce, Spike friendship.


see Xander - Lessons From a Demon

Also see White Hats Come in Different Sizes in crossovers, and It’s a Vampire Thing


I See You - Christmas 2005  - rating PG - Spike/Tara (sort of)

Spike/Other, Spike and Angel, or Spike stand alone

A Push in the Right Direction ( 5/17/06) G  Written for Good__Evil’s  Good Lorne month. A very short look at a possible scenario that could result in Spuffiness.  Spike-Lorne-Fred

Consequences - (March 2007) Written for Seven Seasons’ challenge - the challenge was - what if Spike knew what the Scoobies were planning and tried to stop it?  What was he afraid of?  NOT a fluffy fic! It was referred to by one reviewer as “a punch in the gut”.

Frosty the Snowman... (December, 2009)PG13  Spike/Willow. Willow wants to build a snowman, but she doesn’t know how. Spike does.

Monster Mash - Halloween. Season II, evil Spike. Nuff said? (humor, not horror, mostly)

Not a One Night Stand - (3/17/06) Rated R.  A walk through Spike’s thoughts (and hers) when he meets Polly and takes her to the wedding.  A bit sad for all concerned. This was written for a challenge at Good__Evil.  Spuffy only by implication.

Nothing to See Here - (5/7/06) PG - drabbled conversation between Spike and Angel, set during season VI after Angel has heard rumors about Buffy. Again, Spuffy only by implication.

Someone Will Pay - (March 2007) PG13 - another Seven Seasons challenge - What if Giles had not left yet when the Scoobies brought Buffy back; what if he found Spike just after Xander pushed him against the tree? Might things have gone differently?


Time Is On My Side - January 5, 2008 NC17 - The Torchwood team gets an unexpected and attractive visitor. My first crossover and first m/m slash.  Not Spuffy, except by implication (cause Spike loves Buffy, no matter what or who else he might be doing). (future fic, post NFA)

White Hats Come in All Sizes - March, 2009, R or NC17 - another crossover that follows on the heels of Time Is On My Side. Buffy comes to Cardiff and finds more than she expected. Buffy, Spike, Faith, Jack, Ianto, et al.(future fic, post NFA)

Buffy/Other or Buffy stand alone

Because I Said So (March 24, 2005) – PG – A behind-the-scenes look at how Buffy talked Xander into taking Spike in when she got him out of the school basement.

Drabbles, series, challenges, etc including ficlets written to meet the weekly prompts at Taming_the _Muse. Most prompts have been inserted into chapters of ongoing fics, but some have had to have stories of their own.  Various characters and situations. Now includes a page of Schmoop Bingo ficlets that were too short to rate their own pages, and too long to be drabbles.www.google.com

Taming Prompts:  August,2010 All Taming Prompts (Taming_the_Muse) that were too short to get their own pages. Misc. characters and combos.

Misc. Drabbles - (Now available as a navigation page, which is the only one that will be updated.)assorted characters and situations  - true drabbles of 100 words + or -  all on the same page (and perhaps the occasional double-drabble).

Schmoop Bingo - Fall, 2010, misc. ficlets written for the LJ community schmoop_bingo that were too short to get their own pages. Mostly Spuffy, but maybe not all... Also, the below listed related schmoop fics with their own pages:

        Bumpverse Schmoop

        John and Buffy Schmoop

        Misc, Future Schmoop

       Season Four and Five Schmoop

        Season Six Schmoop  including    As I Should Be Series

        Misc. Short Schmoops (may include any of the above)




Seven Seasons Season VI challenges - four challenges, four different scenarios.  Ensemble, with emphasis on Spike except for the last one which is Spuffy. These are also listed in the Season VI fics.


Loves Lost Series - Loves Lost, Love Awakened, Love Continued, and Love Sanctioned - (Seasons 2 and 3)

I Knew You Series - Prologue to Life/I Know You, I Know You II, Knowing and Watching, and Pop Goes the Weasel

(Season 2, 3 and AU World  Meanwhile Back at the Hellmouth (season 4)

Not Tonight, Honey Series - Not Tonight, Honey; Taming the Devil; Making it Work (Season 4)

As I Should Be Series: As I Should Be; Maybe We Can; All We’ve Ever Done is Dance; Good Food, Good Wine, Candlelight and a Bit of Violence. (Season 6)

Things That go Bump Series: Things That Go Bump in the Night, A Bumpy Christmas,

Holiday Themed Fics:

Father’s Day drabble - Buffy-Giles  on the Drabble page

Fourth of July Fics:  It Must be Love - July 2008- rated G, Spike-Buffy friendship, ficlet

                                  The Longest Summer - July 2008, rated G, Ensemble

Halloween fics(by season): The Gentleman Wore Leather(2), Slayer’s Night Off(4), Nights Off Are Overrated(5), Monster Mash (2) Halloween Entries for sb_fag_ends (see nav page for sb_fag_ends)

Christmas fics: A Bumpy Christmas (future), A Very Spuffy Christmas (Season 6), And You Don’t Even Have to Wrap It/Merry Christmas, Spike (Season 6 schmoop),Who Needs Five Gold Rings? (AtS season 5), Ready to Unwrap (future) You Can’t Go Home Again (Gethan) Christmas Through the Seasons, Christmas Berries (season 6) Best Bloody Christmas Ever (season 9)

New Years Fics

New Year-New Memories

Valentines Day fics: God Bless St. Valentine, Valentine’s Day Special (season 6) Bloody Awful Poet (future)

Easter fic: Here Comes Peter Cottontail (AtS season 5, Spike/Fred) The Easter What? (Bumpverse schmoop)







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